She Likes It

Well, I’m having a mixed reaction. I received a rejection on one of those manuscripts that I’ve been telling you about. The thing about that is, I feel inspired. Form rejections are pretty common I hear. In the past, I’ve seen my share, but lately they’ve slowed down. I’m much more careful where I am sending my queries. My writing is improving, and I am learning.  So, I hold on much more tightly to my projects.

About the rejection. It was so nice. It really was. I have a pretty good imagination, and I can see agents at desks overflowing with slush, email inboxes blinking large red words like *TILT*.  There just isn’t enough time to read everything carefully, without bias, in a good spirit, and then respond thoughtfully. BUT, this agent whom I entrusted my precious with, was kind. She was guarded, and careful with her response, but what I saw  was that she really did like it. I knew when I sent it that the genre isn’t exactly flying off the shelves. It will take something miraculous to get it into print, but it is good. It’s fun and ornery, and mischievous. Its good, but its no YA paranormal romance. That would sell.

OK, back to agent. She liked it. She got it. She told me so in the covert way that she can. It was daring on her part really. What if I freaked her freak and started YELLING AT HER??? If you liked it, why not agent it?? Huh??? Huh??? I’m guessing that agents get a lot of that. Anyhow, like I said, I have a big imagination. But, it tickled me that she tried to tell me, and so I sent her a line telling her that I appreciated it.

I do appreciate it.

Another day, then.

For today, I am smiling, rejection or no. She liked it.

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