Steampunkery You Have Caught Me

I requested about fifty books from my library this week and most had to do with Steampunk. A press I love is adding this genre to their upcoming line. I have always been intrigued by the fashion, dress, machinery, worlds, but reading about the press adding it got me pondering it again. Steampunk is dark and enchanting in a strange way to me. I like the draw. Now I’m on a mission to read as many Steampunk books as I can from different angles, visit the varied worlds, learning, absorbing. When something new gets my attention, I can be a little (extremely) OCD. A recent example: I spent two months obsessing over the art of burlesque when I decided to add it as a secondary story line in one of my WIPS. I would’ve gone at it longer, butI had all I needed to do my job and also there isn’t as much readily available on Burlesque around here. Steampunk, however, is like a freaking movement or something. A whole subculture of folks are out there living it, loving it, writing it. Etsy has amazing creations. Pinterest has jaw dropping boards. Clockwork Couture has clothing. There are conventions. Conventions! and it’s fab-u-lous. I’m stoked. Must know more. Now. Now. Now.

I’m too novice to write a novel on this, but I love the elements so much I definitely plan to work them into my future stories. Like accents. The punch of color I aim for in decorating. My brain is going bazonkers with all the new material I’ve seen, read, heard lately. I’ve tiptoed on the edge of this for several years, but suddenly I’m all in. My Must-know-mode is On.

Huge Thank you to all the Steampunkers who share their work and experiences online and in books so I can enjoy it too. Also a HUGE shout to twitter for providing titles and links to the best information available. The excitement around this movement is addicting. I can’t wait to learn more.

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  • I. Love. Steampunk. In fact, here in San Antonio one of our local theaters has a Steampunk Movie Appreciation Night the second Tuesday of every month. It is so fun! People dress up (I am saving money for a outfit!) and it’s loads of fun.

    I’m so glad you getting into the steampunk scene. It is brilliant.

  • Ashley! That sounds so amazing. I want to fly to San Antonio and go with!!

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