Sweet Romance. Loud Woman.

I love a good romance. Who doesn’t? What I don’t love is a heroine who’s too demure. Too proper. Too snorey. When I sat down to write my first sweet romance, I knew I had to create a woman who would make readers smile. I mean, no one was getting nekkid in this book, so I had to amp it up another way, right?

I like exuberance. Big personalities make me smile. I wanted my heroine to have one. I was working up the details of a fun and sassy heroine when a story of Valerie Haight came to mind. She fell over a coworker? Literally fell on them. AT work.  LOL I still laugh. And she and I both get ourselves in messes by speaking first and thinking later.

I couldn’t help wondering what a decent hero might do if faced with the likes of Val and I? It was this course of thought that led to my first sweet romance heroine. Cynthia Potter was born.

In Bloom, my heroine Cynthia says what she means…at the moment… and causes a problem or two as a result. She’s feisty. I like her. She puts her foot in her mouth – a lot. Gets caught kissing someone she didn’t intend to kiss.  (Who hasn’t been there? LOL) And makes an embarrassing discovery of biblical proportions. ß that’s a Bloom joke. LOL Ahhh, she’s a woman after my own heart.

Writing sweet romance has opened up a whole new world for me. There isn’t going to be a big physical consummation to strengthen or solidify the relationship between her and the hero. So, the story has to captivate. The chemistry has to zing! The banter has to Zang! The “Kiss her already!” moments have to get you screaming at the pages. In a sweet romance, the whole book leads up to the all important confession, “I love you.” In sweet romance, the fun is in getting there.

Of all the Honey Creek sweet romances I’ve written so far (Only Bloom as released thus far. Love Blossoms releases in a few weeks and the final novella in December) Cynthia is my favorite heroine. She’s mildly embarrassing - like me. I get her. I love her. They say we drop a piece of ourselves in each MC. Cynthia definitely got the loud part of me.

If you’re in the mood for a sweet & sassy heroine , I hope you’ll visit Honey Creek. It’s a beautiful place where anything can happen. Kick off your shoes, relax into that porch swing and cuddle up to a steamy hot toddy. Taking a trip to Honey Creek is as easy as Amazon : ) See you there!


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