The One That Got Away – Love Triangles & A Mystery Series

A couple years ago, Katy Perry’s song, The One That Got Away, was on every radio station, all day, every day. Unlike most overplayed songs, this one haunted my wondering-mind. I wanted to know what happened if “the one who got away” came back around.

Immediately my heart soared to ninth grade. My first love. My first heartbreak. We dated off-and-on throughout high school. For years after, when we’d run into one another, it was awkward. We’d been as close as any two people can be in every way and yet, the years changed us, separated us. The chemistry remained, though. To this day, his name ignites a spark of excitement and thoughts of being young and recklessly in love.

I haven’t seen him in fifteen years now, and if I did, I’m not sure what I’d think. I have a different life than I’d ever imagined as a teen. I’m satisfied and complete in ways a teenage mind couldn’t understand. Of course, I’m also happily married with three children and a dream career, so that helps.

But what if…

What if things were different and I was young and single and we wound up as neighbors? Well, I’m guessing that would be all kinds of uncomfortable with a side dish of temptation. This is where my idea for The Patience Price Mysteries began. Inside a Katy Perry song. I guess ideas really can come from anywhere.

I set out to write a fun mystery with lots of laughs, action and romance. I knew I needed a strong alpha male, but I couldn’t reconcile the alpha character with my boy-next-door experience, so I had no choice. I needed two romantic interests. There was no other choice, really. They’re both too incredible. Personally, I couldn’t choose, so I put the burden on my heroine. A perk of being the author. In this case, I created a heroine for my heroes instead of the other way around. She needed a personality that would give her the most possible trouble deciding between the one who broke her heart and a road untraveled.

My heroine, Patience, lives on the tiny island where she grew up; Chincoteague, Virginia. Chincoteague is a small coastal community (the island is only 3×7 miles big. Or…little, I guess.) and her ex-soul mate, Adrian, is running for mayor. No way to avoid him. Plus, he doesn’t want to avoid her. In fact, he’d really like to make up and she’d really like to jump headlong into the Atlantic because she just started dating her long time crush, Special Agent Sebastian Clark. – I told you there was an alpha in this scenario.

Writing the mystery was a thrill for me, but if I’m being honest, the real fun came in the form of these to heroes. I love the complicated dynamic of this love triangle. Who can’t relate to the power of a first love? When Patience is with Adrian, I feel my toes curl as I write. I can sense the sparks and tension in the air. She hates the hold he still has on her heart. After all, a lifetime of memories with the boy next door takes a while to erase, if it ever really goes away.

On the flip side, when her new boyfriend, the confident, no-nonsense Sebastian walks in, my jaw goes slack. And so does hers. Who can’t relate to the power of new love? The Butterflies and anticipation are like a drug. *fans face* You know?

Hang on. I need a sip of water…

So, yes, I did write a cute mystery with lots of fun things to (hopefully) make a reader smile, but I also stirred in a heap of chemistry and romance because, honestly, where’s the fun without a good romance? I’m two books into the three book series and I’m still not sure I’ve answered my question thoroughly.

What will happen to the one who got away – now that he’s back? Anyone have an idea?

How about your real life story of lost and maybe rekindled love? Want to share?

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