The Word Whisperer Strikes Again

After breaking the news regarding the death of my para-rom manuscript, my dear sweet friend, cousin, cohort, the Word Whisperer, advised against it.

WW is a para rom lover. I’m sure that she hates to see any para rom go the way of bird cage liner, and so she encouraged me, and I rallied. Worst case scenario, it’s good practice to be writing. It’s good to push my comfort zone and test my limits. So, I took a deep breath and began again. This time, I am sending off each chapter for her review. She is my cheerleader. Yes, maybe that comes more in the form of sexy-snarky-siren than teenage pom pom carrier, but for me, it’s just awesomesauce. Thank you WW.

So, I am in chapter three, and have ripped out over a thousand words of “blah blah blah” half of those are “justs” “actually” or some form of  “have been doings.” Much time has been spent pondering who the heck wrote all that babble, the smaller portion has been spent stripping my main character to figure out what makes her tick. What does she have on her iPod? Who was her first kiss and did she like it? If I tried to steal her demon/stalker/man, would she kick my butt or throw a party? What is her real problem anyway because the more I get to know her, the less I believe that she really wants rid of this guy. Let me tell you, that opens up a whole new arc of drama.

Maybe WW was right. This could be the project where I learn a few things about myself, and hopefully fix this rotten manuscript so that in case of an early demise, no one finds it and reads it, as is, then thinks I was crazy-nuts to have pursued writing at all.

Now, back to pondering the tricky question: If Satan was an angel who fell from grace and took with him many others. Are they unable to love again- like ever? Is love erased completely? They were designed to love. It’s what angels do. Why can’t my MC man get a do-over? If he can, how awkward and mildly hilarious is a demon trying to turn angel or even human? What may be no big to him would be INSANITY to us, and vice versa.You see how my mind goes off on bunny trails. Jeesh.


For now, I will head the advice of WW. I will see what can be done with my manuscript of redundancy and bloat, because there may be hope for it yet.

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