There are just so many of me!

Ever typed your own name into a search engine? I have. It’s nuts. Since setting up this website, I have been trying to make it so that if someone searches for Julie Anne Lindsey, they find me. That is no easy task. Part of branding yourself as a writer, or as a circus clown, or whatever it is that you want people to associate you with, is that they need to find you. Epiphany moment? I had never considered it. I assumed that I would set up my site and people would find it. Not true. There are dozens of websites already set up to various Julie Anne Lindseys and they all come up ahead of me. I don’t even show up in the Yahoo search yet. Sure sure. It’s only been 2 weeks. I’m just saying, if you are trying to follow all of the agent and publishing advice out there,  and you are preparing a website to brand yourself, or to display some of your writing, then this matters.

The good news: it is possible to climb the list. In fact, there is a plethora of information on the topic. Plenty of others have been in the same situation and blogged about it. For starters, quit being anonymous. I know, someone may steal your identity or send you rude things. What can you do? Consider it a hazard of the job because it’s impossible to brand yourself while hiding, unless that’s your brand, like Where’s Waldo. So, here are a few humble suggestions:

1. Stop hiding. Ditch the fake names and bogus details.

2. Register with social media sites and meet people, talk about yourself and what interests you, network.

3. Write something everyday. Don’t set up camp and then think it will grow in popularity all on its own. It won’t.

4. Try a giveway or contest.

5. Ask fellow bloggers to do a guest blog post on your site, or send them a questionnaire for you to post as an interview.  Getting your web address on their sites is great for climbing search lists.

6. Write articles for e publications. It gets your name out there and makes a link back to your site.

7. Tell people. That’s the hard one. I mean, how pretentious can one person be, right? “Oh, I have a blog. You want to read it. I’m so self important that I think everyone should know me.” That’s what I felt like when I told people about this. I had to hold my breath and just do it. I also told myself, “You have nothing to say. You stink and you will fail, and everyone will know.”

If this happens to you, square your shoulders, lift your chin, and know that you are following a dream. Judgey people don’t get that. I do. I support you. I’ll guest blog. I’ll answer an interview request.

We dreamers have to stick together.

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