Things Change. Ima Go With It.

I write. A lot. The word Obsessive has been thrown around once or twice in my presence – behind my back as well, I’m certain. OCD. Cray-cray. Julie. I’m okay with that.

But, I learn stuff. Like, this new something sinking into my brain lately. It seems to me each new manuscript unfolds differently in my life. I love them all the same, but every main character, every plot, every world seems to come at its own pace. The pace is a bit reflective of the story also (utter side note – disregard) in my experience. I think this is a brilliant self-discovery. LOL *Nerd alert* You know what they say. “Once a psych major, always a psych major.” What? People say that. All right, I made it up. Go with it.

Anyway. I was disappointed as I muddled through the first 10K of my new WIP. Coming off a full-speed-ahead YA where words flew through my mind faster than I could get them on paper, where I ran through dozens of notecards and notebooks aligning all the fantastic juicy details, the new WIP is more like watching grass grow. A little yawny at times. (The process not the story I hope. Yikes). The YA was an obsession. I couldn’t turn it off. This new WIP? Very very different. This is a sweet romance. I love writing these, but I’m targeting a specific line this time and struggling to make the words heavy with story, but light with attitude. This experience is like lifting weights. Slow and steady. One workout at a time. Snore. Beg. Stare. Tap on screen. Moment of brilliance. Silence. Repeat.


I realized today this is more typical than I’ve realized before. These two stories are so opposite that the process was like a flashing neon light this time and I finally noticed. Each story has it’s own lifeforce. Some need told desperately and don’t care if they bleed out of my face so long as they’re heard. RIGHT NOW. Other stories, like my current WIP, are slower. They want to be savored, unfurled slowly and absorbed. These characters have lots of time and lots of turmoil. Each one needs explored and I haven’t found a fast way to do that, so I linger in this world longer. And that’s okay.

Nnow that the proverbial light has flickered on in my cob-webby head, I’m willing to go with this. It’s a slower roll. Okay. I can do that. Slow and steady…something about a race…hey, I didn’t say the light was a spotlight or anything.

Conclusion: Don’t draw an invisible shape in the air and try to shove every story you write through it. Characters could lose limbs that way and no one wants that.

2 comments to Things Change. Ima Go With It.

  • I’m hoping my next WIP will begin with a highly detailed outline and I will write through to the end without obsessively editing mid-write.

    HA! Here’s to hoping.

    I agree, each story has its own vibe and process.

  • Hi Julie! I liked your post. I never really thought about my stories like that. Funny, I’m currently going through a similar perdicament. My first novel nearly wrot eitself, but my current WIP is taking me quite a bit longer.
    Nice post.

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