This One Time I Did That Thing….

My Marvel Inspiration

My Marvel Inspiration

This one time, I did that thing where I threw my hands up and quit writing. Forever. And I totally meant it. This is why:

I had a manuscript on submissions (as I always do) and the manuscript received wonderful compliments followed by things like: BUT we just picked up something too similar to properly support a second so close in plot. Many. Many variations of that. I got so crazy mad at this notion. Somehow my “intriguing”, “well-written,” “engaging” even “page turner” of a manuscript couldn’t find a home because I was late to the party. Well. I screamed. A lot.

That’s when I did the thing.

I stopped my WIP (work in progress) and went back to the drawing board. I took my hero, a boy who was mysterious because his family had mental issues circa Bates Motel and tried desperately to hide that truth…. and I made him a Viking.


Yep. Extreme. I know. I was in a bad place at the moment, but I did the thing and it was good.

Cause guess what? There aren’t an abundance of vikings in YA today. (Unless there are and they’re all being prepped for release before mine. Then, I’m screwed).

So, anyway.  That’s what I did. I took a contemporary YA and asked myself, “How can I come up with something other authors aren’t turning in ahead of me?” “How can I avoid rejection based on accidentally writing something already written?” I had to take a chance. I changed my “safe” storyline and went with an idea I loved, but had been afraid to approach for fear of messing it up. I embraced my love of Thor and Loki, Odin and Zeus (Yeah, I like both Greek and Norse mythology) and I said, “My hero is a Viking and in my world, Vikings are demigods, born of humans and the Goddess Nike’s siblings, Kratos, Bia and Zelus: gods (and goddess) of strength, force and zeal.  I wrote my very first fantasy romance and I had an amazing time. Vikings. Huzzah!

Who knows? Maybe there are a half dozen similar works set to release tomorrow. All I know is that I was pushed into making a stand and I decided to write something I’m passionate about: Mythology. I gave the mythology a Julie-esque slant, and set it in contemporary rural Ohio. Hey, isn’t that what makes fiction so amazing? I think so.

And THAT was the thing I did. I owned my creativity and took a chance. I’m so glad I did.

Oh, did I mention the story found a home? My YA fantasy, PROPHECY, arrives this December from Lyrical Press/Kensington, and I am one happy author.

A thought for fellow writers: If you’re debating something a little crazy, I encourage you to go for it. Why not? What do you have to lose? If you’re not writing with passion and finding joy in the process, then maybe you’re doing it wrong (like I was) and it may be time to start again. Then again, what do I know? I write about Vikings and sea nymphs in modern day rural Ohio.  *shrug* It’s totally your call if you want to take advice from crazy o_0.

There will be many many posts to come on this matter. Mythology, Norse and Greek. Runes. First love. Epic Viking battles and swimming as a sport. Plus there’s lots of kissing. Always with the kissing. Yep. I’m fizzy-excited to share my enthusiasm for making mythology mainstream :)

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  • I applaud your creativity and courage. I have only written one book that is just beginning its journey to publication (hopefully). I wrote it the only way I knew how – from my heart.

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