Time For A Change

I started blogging about four years ago, possibly five, I lost count. A lot changes in five years. <– insanely massive understatement. Anyway, I think it’s time I change my blog. I’ve been considering this for months, maybe more than a year.  I’m not sure, but a very long time. When I started Musings from the Slush Pile, I was a new writer navigating a strange new land of buzz words and advice traps. I worked full time trying to figure out which way was up and how to get through the rabbit hole. The process made me insane and I needed to vent. It made sense to blog about my writing journey, my pitfalls and my successes. (More pitfalls than successes). I shared everything I learned with other writers through blogging. It was perfect. For a while. Over time, I wrote less about the writing process and more about my books, promotion, personal process etc. The whole thing became very awkward and forced because I set it up to be about writing, but I don’t always have an amazing epiphany on writing. Sometimes I just had a good hair day, but I couldn’t write about that. It was a writing blog. And soon, I blogged less. I dreaded it. I hated fitting into the mold I created so long ago because I’m not a newbie writer anymore. I’m in that awkward class picture stage where I have front teeth missing and a mullet. I’ve shared and reshared “tips and tricks” for staying out of the slush. I’ve got nothing else to add. I’m cashed. And here we are. At the end.

So, what will I write about? Uh, everything. All the things. And stuff.

*Nods* Things and Stuff. Things I like. Things I loathe. What I’m watching. Who I’m shipping. I think it will be fun to talk about other things for a while. Girl stuff. Geek stuff. Book stuff. Maybe I’ll retitle the blog Things and Stuff. I don’t know. We’ll see.

So, that’s it for today. It’s a farewell post. An end-of-an-era post. An historic…. just kidding.

See you later.

Maybe we can talk about my television obsession. I seriously have a problem. I need an intervention.

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