To Whom It May Concern

I am sorry to say that I have no profound insight or comical anecdote to offer today. In fact, today’s post comes at the end of a rather productive editing day. I have been combing and reworking the opening chapter of South Padre, which totally needs a new title, in preparation for WriteOnCon. So, this post will have minimal interest to my dear friends and absolutely zero interest to everyone else.

Here’s my update. I found an agent for Death by Chocolate. I have the contract and I need to print, sign and send it.

I am still waiting to hear back from the agent who has Witness Protection. She loved it and sent it off for consensus before she could offer representation. I’m still waiting and praying that she will in fact get consensus. It’s a good book. (I know, I’m biased).

Meanwhile, I am working diligently on my newest project, unnamed (and no that is not the name), where a smart, and willful Texas cheerleader is relocated to a small island community, wherein she solves a murder. Yep, I’m thinking, move over Nancy Drew, Chloe Masters can solve that mystery carrying a Marc Jacobs bag, and wearing killer peep toe pumps. She wouldn’t be caught dead in polyester. I want to get this ready to pitch at the writers conference in October (assuming I have a pitch session).

So, between editing Death by Chocolate with my agent in preparation to find a publisher, and possibly doing the same soon with Witness Protection (if there is consensus) and this new book, and my social media addiction, Oh, plus, you know, those three kids, and homeschool, and my head fell off, and my hands are still typing…you get the picture.

Tomorrow, I will make an informative post about this week’s winner of LJ Smith’s second novel from her fabulous series The Vampire Diaries.


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