Trailer Tuesday: They’re Filming my Book Trailer!

208529_575031679175912_1737029865_nWelcome to the first installment of Trailer Tuesday!

I’m beyond words excited to tell you the filming of my book trailer is underway. A group of amazing Kent State Students and a local high school senior are working together to do this amazing thing for me. Matt, the blessed and hilarious student in charge is making things happen. He gets permission to set up and film all over the place. It’s nuts. They’re working on weekends and putting their hearts into a trailer which will bring my fall YA suspense, Deceived, to life. These guys are awesomesauce on a brownie and the beauty playing my heroine is gorgeous. GORGEOUS. and adorbs. I mean, it’s so unfair to every other girl her age. For real. This is a pic taken of Matt compiling my crime board for the first scene they filmed. I get to play the Mom in this scenario. *eye opener* I am old enough to be the mom of my Main character. *denial in 3, 2, *

Working as “director” <– they are too kind. They call me this, but mostly I FB chat with them and show up to drink coffee and take still shots. I’ve worked on the words for so long, images are mad hard to me. But these guys see it all in pictures. They have an unfathomable ability to translate my words into real life. My brain doesn’t work that way. It barely works in any way, so being a part of this has been something I’ll never forget.

But, let me remind you this isn’t happening in a studio. These are college students + a high school senior. When you see the footage, this truth will be lost because you’d never guess there are 7 people piled on one another with huge equipment, boom mics, lighting thingers and cameras all squished into the corner of the room 5 feet away from the actors. This is how the conversation goes….

“alright caleb, move over here”


“no, you’re other here”

“ow watch out”

“sorry, but youre in my way”

“i know im in your way, just move”

“i can’t, Ivory is standing there”

“oh, well he shouldn’t be”

“you told me to be here”

“well move over there now”

“ahh my leg” “stop hitting cynthia with the boom pole”

“Wait, wheres the memory card”

“ok is this good?”

“actually just go back to where you were…”

Matt recapped for me. I am NOT making it up. It’s good times. I can’t wait to share more with you, and I will, very soon!

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