Tumblr, Anyone?

I’ve wanted to do Tumblr for a while, but I had a number of things in my way. I had deadlines for one thing and a general inability to understand what the heck was going on over there for another. Lucky, lucky me, as a new Carina author, I received an email from the Harlequin training people offering a webinar on TUMBLR! It was a wonderful stroke of luck for me. Tumblr cracks me up in new and fascinating ways. SO, I did the seminar and I took some notes, then I attacked my husband ie web designer when he got home with all the awsomeness I learned.

SO, we spent some time this weekend setting up my Tumblr page. Unfortunately for him, I can’t just pick a free theme and move on with my life. Hence the header on this blog and Facebook and the very specific Author website. I literally drew it with my kids’ colored pencils and presented it to my husband with big excited eyes, telling him my vision for how it would move and work. He made it happen. I only make ideas. He does the reality.

What I basically leared about Tumblr is this. It’s FUN. It’s FAST. You all know how I love twitter? Well it’s like blogging but on twitter. By this, I mean it’s fast. People don’t expect to read big posts over there like this one. They don’t want to. That’s not what it’s for. Tumblr is more like “Tell me with pictures.” You write a paragraph or two, maybe only a sentence, maybe nothing! Maybe the pic speaks for itself. And you toss some media in there, a picture, a video clip, a gif, whatever, and you’re done. Fastness.

Here’s an example of a Tumblr post:

When my editor increases the word count to all the sequels by 10K

and that’s it. That’s the day’s post. You can post multiple times a day, like on other social media. It’s a mash up, really. I like it. I hope to be there more than here. I can be there and gone before I find a free non-get-you-a-lawsuit picture for the blog post here. Tublr is called “short form blogging” and it’s a perfect description. SHORT is key. Also, if you like Pinterest, you’ll enjoy knowing you can hop around and “reblog” things you love. You can get everything you need from Tublr. It’s like Repinning for those Pinterest lovers like myself. Okay. That’s all for today. I’ll link my Tublr here later when Hubsy gets it all shiny like the image in my head.

Meanwhile, do you guys Tumblr?

3 comments to Tumblr, Anyone?

  • Thanks Julie Anne! I didn’t understand what the heck Tumblr was till now! Guess I need to branch out and start . . . tumbling!!

  • Glad to see I wasn’t alone in not knowing exactly what Tumblr was. :)

    Think I better get the hang of what I am on before I add another, though!

  • Hey guys! I’m so glad I wasn’t alone! LOL It makes blogging so much easier and faster, but I’m still fumbling around over there. But having fun, so that’s what counts, right?

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