Wait. What Now? Bouchercon.

Bouchercon 2012 is coming to Cleveland, Ohio!

Wait. What is Bouchercon you ask?

Bouchercon is the world mystery convention and has been taking place annually since 1970. It is open to anyone and is a place for fans, authors and professionals to gather and celebrate their love of the mystery genre. It is named for a famed mystery critic Anthony Boucher. During the convention there are panels and discussions and interviews with authors and people from the mystery community covering all parts of the genre. There are signing events for people to meet their favorite authors face-to-face and get books signed.

Imagine my thrill to find that after 42 years of never once coming to Ohio, Bouchercon 2012 is coming to Cleveland only an hour away from me! This is a HUGE thrill for a bunch of reasons.

1. Death by Chocolate (my debut novel) releases in March which means I can attend as an author!

  • and I can do book signings!
  • and maybe, perhaps, if the cookie crumbles my way…be on a panel!
  • or used somehow in promotion of the event!

2. I get to meet with and learn from some of the most amazing mystery and thriller writers today!

3. I hope to make friends and network in ways that last. Like every other profession, writing often comes back to who you know, who you helped, and the impression you made.

Not everyone reading this post is lucky enough to have a national convention show up on their doorstep, but everyone has some kind of writing conference, retreat or guild close enough to drive to…I think. With a little preparation and determination you can get out there and meet some amazing writers, editors, agents, and aspirings too. I hope you’ll take the time to make it happen this year.

Start by lifting your chin the next time you tell someone you’re a writer. It’s a wonderful, challenging crazy calling. Making friends in the “know” will help :)

1 comment to Wait. What Now? Bouchercon.

  • I’ll look for your book. Hope you’ve got national distribution. I’ve got only one bookstore locally. Death by Chocolate, hmmm, if it would only happen. My cardiologist would plotz.

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