Waiting is the new Doing

I am too busy to be a writer. I cannot sit still. I am certain that my AADD has simply gone undiagnosed. Busy, busy, busy, is good- good- good. I posted earlier about how I am waiting for three writing related things. One of those was the WOW! Women on Writing Flash Fiction Contest results from the spring quarter. Well, they have arrived, sort of. As a result, I am laughing in a certifiable way and rocking rhythmically in my seat. Here is my story:

I check the website and my email crazily.  I was out for a while yesterday. When I returned there was a note from WOW! in my inbox. I took a deep breath and clicked. The top line read “Congratulations!” I could barely scroll down. Picture my eyebrows meeting my headband, my expression was caught between fright and elation. I wasn’t breathing. This took point 4 seconds total, and then I was scrolling. Next, I looked like this: eyebrows diving together to corroborate an attack plan, giant huffy breath escapes loudly, smile dissolves into tiny pucker pulled full left.

Congratulations! I am one of the top 100, one hundred, ONE HUNDRED. Now, in 2-3 two to three MORE weeks, I will know if I made the second round cut. Maniacal laughter ensued right about here.

It seems that God (I hear that saying The Universe is the appropriate way to handle this, but that’s actually insane) has seen my need to practice and improve upon my lack of patience. It is no accident that I have taken such an interest in writing. Everything about it is wait, and wait, and wait. I have successfully conceived, carried, and birthed three children in less time than it seems to take to hear back from one agent, or one contest.

Today, my house gets a full scrub down and my fall homeschool calendar will be completed, all in an effort to wait (I did not say patiently). Oh, those who are naturally patient have no idea how blessed they truly are.  Those like myself shall drink up the coffee that turns our planet and go jogging or something to keep the internal combustion at bay.

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