WARNING: My Ridiculousness May Crash Websites

So, there’s Nano.

For those of you not in the know, Nanowrimo is National Novel Writing Month. Writers scramble to put down 50,000 words in 30 days during the month of November. I started writing about 4 years ago. Last year was my first attempt. I failed. I had a really hard time getting into it. I think I rebelled internally because it’s not unlike me to write this much or more every month. Maybe I wasn’t into the story. Didn’t like the pressure. Thanksgiving and visiting family threw me off…I don’t know. Anyway, I didn’t finish. In fact, I went on to write 4 novels since last year, but  haven’t given last year’s Nano project a second thought until now. *shrugs* I’m sure my threapist would have something to say about this if I hadn’t driven him to retire early. Whatever.

This year, I saw a notice go through my tweet stream – seriously people, get on twitter– announcing the editors at Entangled Publishing planned to have an Entangled Smackdown, helping writers who registered for the event through Savvy Authors website with their Nano project. You registered, picked a line and then got started and got feedback. Score.

You know my life is a series of ridiculous, so this is what happened to me.

1. I went to register and learned I needed to pay a fee to join the site. I decided the help coming from editors I wanted to work with some day was worth it, plus the site’s great and has lots of other opportunities, so I joined. I think this act caused the site to crash. Wouldn’t be a shock if it was the reason because that’s what happened.

2. I tried repeatedly for 2 weeks to log in and couldn’t. I sent emails to the helpdesk. Nothing. I was shutout. The site had issues, I knew it would be resolved soon, but probably not before the Smackdown began and I saw the workshops were filling up. Soooo I moved on with my life.

3. I rolled with it. Bummer. Wasn’t meant to be. I went back to plotting out a romance NOT fit for the Bliss line at Entangled – which was the line I wanted to do the Smackdown with. I was quite enjoying it. I made contacts for research at the FBI gang crimes unit near my setting and found a bilingual friend to help with some street language I wasn’t positive about. So, I gave up on Nano and figured I’d get busy on the thing I was all excited about.

Then, guess what? You know. *nods slowly* Yeah ya do.

4. I get a response from the Savvy site. It’s up. I’m in and guess what else? Yep. The line of Smackdown I wanted into had an opening. *picture me looking between 2 open palms* Do I keep going on this exciting new project or do I quick whip up a new idea fitting of the Smackdown line I wanted –in 2 days (I got in with only 2 days left before the Smackdown began). Well, in this business, you just don’t pass on an opportunity to get real advice from real editors, especially at presses where you want to work.

5. I joined the Smackdown. This means I am now spending every free thinking moment to develop a plot, story Arcs, tropes etc to create a sweet romance novel that will make someone twirl in their living room.

That’s my Nano story. Wish me luck.

And Go Nano!

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  • Hi Julie! That sounds like so much fun and a great opportunity. I read up on their other teams on Savvy and it almost makes me want to do Nano, but this year I must – stay- focused. Maybe next year!

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