What Do Readers Want in a Raffle Basket? My Drama.

basketMy summer calendar overfloweth, or as I recently told someone in an email- is engorged. Right? Sometimes I do not chose the best word. LOL. In addition to all the 999 things my three kids need carted to for the next three months, I have a lot going on myself. There are conferences, library visits, speaking gigs and more. All of those involve a raffle basket situation. Donating a basket is always optional, but super fun. I buy more raffle tickets every summer than I care to admit. Getting free books is my ultimate thrill. They call my name and I jump around like they called me up for The Price is Right! So, when MY NAME is going on the tag outside the basket, I want it to be something that earns a pile of tickets. But what do I put inside? I’m a tiny fish in the wide wide sea of better known authors. I don’t have 30 books to put inside. I have two print books. That’s a let down, right? And I’m too poor to give away Kindles and $100 gift cards. So, what’s a bookish girl to do? I want to woo you with my awesome basket!

AveryAmes basketSo far, I’m thinking one book in each of two baskets, then theming the other contents around the books. For my sweet romance, Written on Her Heart, I’m thinking about adding a journal and maybe tea and a mug <– is that lame? I am so terrible at this!

For the YA, I am stunned stupid. I have NO IDEA what to put in there at all. Like. At. All.


This is probably a good time to thank all of you amazing people who contribute books to raffles every year. You are wonderful. I adore you. Please help. LOL

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  • Amazon gift cards are always nice. I LOVE them.

    For the romance, maybe a small picture frame, lotion or body spray, and/or a locket as well?

    And for the YA, maybe a bag of snacks and/or a small purse or something?

    Also, some pretty book marks would be nice.

    I’m not good at this stuff either so I hope these suggestions help. : )

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