What is that which I say about Waiting??

If you recall, I recently sent a full manuscript to a literary agent who represents Christian fiction. I was confused and ecstatic to hear that she enjoyed the first three chapters and wanted the full. Mostly this was true because she had those three chapters for months. I assumed a rejection. I was wrong. It took me a week to get my act together and send the entire manuscript, but I did. I kissed it and squeezed it and said a prayer over it all before hitting send. That was eight days ago. I have since settled in to wait. Once again I assumed to wait several months. I certainly wasn’t going to be a pest. Well, today, she writes me. I open the email somewhat defeated. The only way that she has had time to read my book among all the rest is if she didn’t. I imagined her reading several pages before realizing it wasn’t quite what she had hoped. I was wrong. (This is another trait which I am discovering. I am frequently wrong). She loved it! She called it a great story! She wanted me to know this and said that she will be back in touch in a couple of weeks after her editorial team reviews and hopefully agrees with her opinion.

What’s this? Wait? Again? Yep. Wait.

Once my children performed CPR and used those electronic paddles to re start my heart, I was / am flying. Regardless of the outcome (which I of course will pray for getting published) I am still hitting the highlight of my career (?) today. An honest to goodness, real life literary agent liked my book.

I can wait a couple more weeks. It’ll take that long for my regular breathing pattern to return anyway.

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