What’s a Trope Anyway?

My twitter feed is filled with writers and other industry related people. I learn a TON of stuff on twitter. Seriously, writers. Get on Twitter. Lately, I’m seeing more and more tweets from writers and editors related to Entangled Publishing. When they announced the launch of their new sweet romance imprint, Bliss, I was excited. I love sweet romance and I wish everyone did too LOL You know how something’s so fabulous, you want to share with complete strangers, but they look at you like, “Get away from me Crazy Lady!” No? Is that just me? I get that more than I care to admit. I lean toward the excitable. Annnnyway…

On the Bliss site, they talk about tropes. This was a completely new term for me. I love when I learn things, so I started a research campaign until I read a million blogs with their opinions/explanations about “What is a trope.” If you write romance, and even if you don’t know what a trope is, chances are you already have a couple going in your WIP.

Tropes are popular story lines, ones readers love. They are great for inciting drama and ramping up emotions as well as stakes. Things like best friends falling in love after years of not being more than friends, or amnesia are popular. There are lots of other popular ones too, like boy/girl next door scenarios, accidental pregnancy brings a couple together, lots of things like this. I love the ones where a friend tries to set up another friend w/someone and the first friend ends up falling for the one they tried to set up LOL Been there. Done that. College. *Cough* Awkward.

Military related tropes are great right now too. We’ve had an active military presence in the Middle East – completely televised, media bombarded, for a decade now. We see coverage every single day. We all know people over there today or who have been there since 9/11. Those men and women are relatable and they are incredible as love interests. We want them to be happy. Look at what they’ve been through! Love the military folks in romance *Sigh*

Summary: Tropes are fun and add depth to your story. Layer them. Play with them. Enjoy them. And if you’re like me and the word was new to you five minutes ago, then I just did my job *blows on knuckles* I shared something new!

So, please dish. What’s your favorite trope?

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