When Writers Watch TV

I love television shows. Dare I say MORE than movies. It’s true. I love the quick pace and banter on television. Zip. Zap. Zoom. I’m in and out in 40 minutes and ready to tackle the next epi. (I record everything and skip commercials. No, Mr. Propaganda, you will not get me, Sir.) Movies take a lot longer and I have to *really* be in the mood to sit still for 2 hours. I never sit still well. Ask any of my former teachers. Or my current pastor. I get antsy fast and my mind wanders. I hit the treadmill with Pandora and a headset PLUS an open Kindle with a read. My mind still sidetracks about 15 minute in and I spend the next 30-45 minutes plotting finger puppet shows with outfits. I joke you not.

Back to television. See. Bunny trail. Total Adult ADD up in this head.

Television is the best. I get all wrapped up in the dialogue. I like the quick wit and twisty plots. Some of my favorite shows are crime related because guessing the killer busies my brain and I stay on task. I know. I know. There’s a formula to these things. If there’s a guest star, for example, he obvi did the deed. Let’s face it, Mr. Super Star isn’t joining SVU to be an extra with 3 minutes of face time. I also get the red herrings and this and that…what I’m saying is….I like em. Don’t bring me down, dude. Keep the comment.

What I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE is this. When, I assume for time sake, producers cut scenes or lines that are necessary to my brain. As a result, I’m left irritated, rewinding to see what I missed, complaining to Hubsy and tweeting my annoyance. The thing I say most often at this point is: “I am Soooooo Super Sorry but my crit girl would never-ever-never have allowed that. Noope. Uh uhn.” I expect people with a big old TV budget to get things right. If you cut A and it effects B-Z….errr cut something else instead, please.


How about when the M.E. tells the detective the death was a result of blunt force trauma to the head and judging by doot-doot-deee the assailant was at least half a foot taller than Miss Victim. DO NOT after this bring me the ex-boyfriend 30 minutes later who is *clearly* under six feet while Miss Victim was a runway model. Noooooo. The stuff you shovel me has to add up.

I’ve received enough rejection/correction on my writing to be critical of the details. I cut and pitch and rip TONS of stuff I think someone will find inconsistent. I basically obsess over the details. This can be not-so-fun when you watch TV with me. BUT Hubsy is very patient and we’ve made it a game. Now, he’ll catch things before me and say “You’re critty girl wouldn’t have allowed that one.” Hazzah! We toast.

What bugs you about television or movie scripts as a writer?

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  • I’m fairly critical of TV as well. But in different ways. I don’t get caught up in the details, generally. I don’t watch too many procedurals anymore. Simply because the after awhile the formulas bore me. it’s one of the reasons I haven’t been in a hurry to watch the next Castle season. but then Castle is a great example of something else that annoys me. Love interests. I’m bored with the this is the protagonist and this is the opposite gendered side kick, and yeah that’s the love interest. I quickly get bored when the love triangle shows up. why because it’s dumb, cheep suspense because in the end the protagonist and his side kick are going to get through. the other thing? I really like shows that have a strong healthy guy/girl Friendship. and sometimes that is developing nicely but the writers force the two into love making. that is how I felt about Castle and that is how I felt about Angle. It is also the main thing I loved about Andromida (even though it is arguably one of the worst Scifi tv shows out there.)
    one last thing that bothers me in TV Shows is when the creatures stop loving their characters, and the characters become punch lines this is what is happening with Big Bang Theory. hence why there is a growing number of people who are feeling that as a geek when they watch it they are being made fun of. it sucks.
    All that Said TV is in a entering into a bit of a golden era. there is lots of stuff out there and lots of good stuff available.

  • I’m with you. TV entertains me so much more than movies these days. The characters are so well written, the drama and action so much better! I don’t write crime/mystery genres so I don’t get too picky with my TV details but I can see why that would drive you nuts. I’m not sure if they can put what I write on TV (Erotic romance). Maybe HBO. Lol. But I’m with you on the TV luv. :)

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