Where I Find Inspiration

I get inspiration for my stories from shows, music or other books I like – and sometimes a location I love. My sweet romances are inspired by romantic comedies and then placed into the delightful little town of Honey Creek. Bloom, for example, came from the fabulous Sweet Home Alabama. Written on Her Heart (March 2013) came from You’ve Got Mail. My first YA (releasing in April 2013) was inspired by a vacation I never got over. We spent a week on a tiny island off the coast of Virginia. An island off of Virginia. Did you know such a money existed? I didn’t, but I found it while googling, went straightway, stayed a week and it never left me. I loved the island so much, the YA didn’t get it out of my system. I just finished my first cozy mystery this year based on the same town. The Katy Perry song, In Another Life, came into play there too. I love that place! LOL My love of Stephanie Plum has inspired sassy characters. My love of Superman inspired my latest YA. Yeah. Superman. The once hit television series, Heroes is pricking at my brain lately too. I’m trying to put that one off. My husband thinks it’s too soon to go there. I don’t know. My mind is back in Honey Creek at the moment, so that’ll buy me a couple months, then I’ll revisit the Heroes inspired idea.

Many non-writers I know tell me to write about my family because they think my insane circus is funny. This is where writers and non-writers stare and blink at one another. (Memoir and other non-fiction writers aside). I write to escape. I don’t want to think about my family every minute of my life. I need out! LOL. I also write to help others escape, and jumping into my life is not an escape. I promise. It’s full of arguments and name calling, tater tots and juice box spills. Yeah. Spills. Tell me how THAT is an accident? Oh, and my favorite, outings where other moms give me the evil eye for my kids’ antics — not cool. No thanks.

I write because it gives me an outlet for my creativity, a place to hold my imagination. And something of mine. I no longer say “I stay home with the kids.” When people inevitably ask, “What do you do?” The funny thing about that is lemon faced people still pucker. They puckered when I said I stayed home and “didn’t work.” They still pucker when I say, “I’m a writer.” I guess haters gonna hate. *Lemon face* …….I said all that to say, writing gives me an identity and purpose separate from raising the kids. I know they won’t always be here. And then what? Bingo at the local church? LOL. Pass. I like knowing I have something that defines me outside of the kids, plus I hope they see my hard work pay off and learn nothing is impossible if you want it and work for it (Except flying. Jump off a bride and you won’t fly. Sorry kids. Try the roof, then you’ll have better odds. You still won’t fly, but you could get an overpriced trip to the ER and an itchy cast other kids will undoubtedly write rude things on). <– Motherly words of wisdom.

So, this turned out to be a blog post about like four random to barely connected things. That sounds about right. It’s like that in my head. Cobwebs. Bunny trails. Caffeine. Ya know.

What inspires you?

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  • Forrest Lybrand

    Interesting blog. I’m the same as you, I get inspired by movies and tv shows…sort of a “that was a cool story, but what if…” and then the ideas start coming. Sort of like they remind me of ideas I haven’t formed yet. The natural world inspires me as well, certain views or glimpses of trees in the right light. I’d have to say though, truthfully, I’m most inspired when I’m actually writing. It’s just like how I’m learning by writing, I grow as a writer when I’m actually writing. I get inspired as a writer when I’m actually writing. My father growing up would pound this in our heads, something to the effect of “words create the thought, don’t wait for a muse, start without her.” It’s some of the most helpful advice I’ve ever received. I doubt I’d have written several books by now without that truth. My dad’s put that advice and a bunch of other writing principles in his course at http://www.advanced-writing-resources.com, it helps with how to teach kids to write. It’s definitely worth checking out.
    This was a good read, and I’m glad I took the time to reply to it.

    P.S. I’m not a romance reader, but out of curiousity I checked out some of your books. “Death by Chocolate” is a solid title. I just released my own book “We Kill Death” on Amazon.com and at https://www.createspace.com/3911765

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