Why do Writers Write?

Writers write because they must. I suppose it is the same reason that singers sing, bakers bake, runners run, readers read, etc.  There is simply an inner drive to do this thing that we must do. This man in my life must procrastinate. You could call it a bad habit, but it is more of a personality trait. He also must finagle with all things in the general realm of computers. It’s what he does. It’s his thing. Myself, I write. I didn’t always write. I was looking for my thing, so I tried other things, not knowing that I was looking for anything. I tried being painfully controlling, highly organized, homeschooling, and girlfriend and wife extraordinaire.  But, once I started writing, those things simmered down. It took me 34 years, but I found my thing. I am a writer.

This is the same reason that so many writers quit writing or go nuts on agents who reject them. Rejection is hard on the self esteem, I hear. (Being an only child eliminates most self esteem issues). Writers spend months perfecting a query, longer writing the book. They hit send with great trepidation only to hear again and again, “No thankyou.”  It’s tough. Sometimes it is easier to throw in the towel than to press on. But, let’s face it, if you stop writing, you will pick up another pass time that won’t quite get it for you. If writing is your thing, then you must write. So write.

Think of all those singers who lay themselves out in front of America to be pummeled by that cranky judge. I understand those people now. At least we have privacy in writing. The world doesn’t watch a judge take you down. The rejection is just a step in the process. Keep writing. It brings you joy no matter what anyone says. It is entertaining and peaceful and fun. A great hobby to broaden you mind, and outlet for your joy or pain. It takes great courage to do what we do. Once you begin to try to get published, you are putting yourself out there. You essentially hand over a part of yourself in manuscript form. You allow the agent or editor a peek inside your head, while they critique and criticize and  weed out the chaff. That’s a very personal thing, yet we do it, again and again, and that deserves respect. Chin up, and keep writing.

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