Win an Agent Critique from Suzie Townsend!

No. I am very serious. As usual, I thank Twitter for my awesome find and two new friends over at *Fiction Groupie*. Take a trip over to Fiction Groupie and you will find a writer’s dream come true, or as they have put it, a Totally Epic Summer Contest. True.

First, we are in heaven from an incredible interview with super lovely, literary agent extraordinaire, Suzie Townsend. She dishes on what she sees tons of and what she’d like to see more of in her inbox. Insightful, I do say. But then, when you’re warm and hopeful from the interview… there’s more. So much more!

You may also enter for a chance to WIN a CRITIQUE from MS. TOWNSEND! I would write more about the deets, but I know that I just lost 90% of those reading my post, so I will walk away and let you head over to *Fiction Groupie* for a fabulous interview and your chance to win!

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