WIN!! “Writing the Breakout Novel” by Donald Maass

I am very excited to tell you about my new giveaway! I have something that I think you want. You see, last go around, I had the Vampire Diaries Novels by LJ Smith. I love, love love the  series and it’s starting season two next week, so I thought that was a great giveaway. Turns out, it was so-so.

I was puzzled. Free books. Hundreds of hits, no registerees (OK few registerees).

Follow Me! & Enter to win!

I know writers love books, especially the books of a free persuasion. So, I must have offered the wrong books. Then, it hit me. Duh. If my blog pals are writers, they probably like to read about writing, improving their craft, and enhancing their odds of success in this unlikely business.  I did a little research, read a few (more than a few) blogs from authors and agents and publishers and I discovered these books by Donald Maass.  If you’ve been writing longer than since yesterday, you know Donald Maass. Enough said.

Books on writing by Donald Mass = winner. I want them myself.

I also want to build my following. Hey, blogging is a tough business. Seriously, everyone has a blog and most writers have two. How’s a girls supposed to make a niche for herself? I have three kids, so I know that bribery is a winning strategy every time – assuming you have the right bait.

And so I ask ya, Be my friend? LOL. I’m dying to build my list, meet new authors, writers, people of the same (somewhat tilted) mindset. Follow me, and you are entered to win. Simple.  All those registered as a Google Friend will be entered, all my Networked Blog followers are entered too! I’ll even keep track of new Facebook friends starting today.So, I guess the more ways you follow, the more times you’re entered. Sounds good!

Be my friend, I want to give you books. LOL

Leave a comment to let me know if I’m headed in the right direction this time.

Can’t wait to meet you!

23 comments to WIN!! “Writing the Breakout Novel” by Donald Maass

  • I think this is a great give away. I added you on facebook and google! Hope you have a great response!

  • Julie Anne Lindsey

    Thanks Amanda! Consider yourself entered twice! Wish I could give you a bonus prize for making a comment. I get excited when I get comments – chance to chat with other writers. I’ll take it however I can get it! LOL Thanks for entering!

  • Old follower here, but I still think this is a great giveaway!
    Donald Maass is a genius.

  • Julie Anne Lindsey

    I LOVE my followers! You can all consider yourself already entered. Need bonuses for commenters, seriously – love comments. *easily excitable author here* :)

  • Hey Julie…we’re new followers of each other on Twitter!!! And I also am struggling to build my blog follower base…keep up the good work though…they will come. And the book idea was genius…

  • Laurie Lamb

    Just took this book out of the library to see if I wanted to buy it. It’s a great prize to win!

  • Julie Anne Lindsey

    Charissa, I am excited to see you stopped by! We ARE new twitter followers (thanks BTW)! Blogging is …. something LOL. I’m heading over to check out your site now!

    Laurie, Fabulous comment! I couldn’t have paid for better advertising! See folks! You want it! Follow me! Help me out and you can win your own copy!! Thanks Laurie!!

  • Hi Julie. I’ve been following your blog and tweets for awhile, but I have a tendency to lurk and not speak up – not the best way for me to build my own blog and twitter account. Maybe I’ll just keep watching you for awhile to see how it’s done. ;-)

  • Julie Anne Lindsey

    Rachel! Hey! So glad to hear from you! Guess what? I’m heading over to your blog now ;)

  • Erin Edwards

    This is a great book and I don’t have a copy! I’m a follower of some type because you come into my google reader but I admit I am not up on all the social networking stuff.

    I have seen that in some contests you can increase your odds by tweeting, retweeting, and mentioning the contest on your own blog – none of which I do, so I guess by telling you that I will decrease my odds in the next contest! So I’ll have to hope to win this one. :)

    You might also try running a contest the same week that you guest blog for a couple of other places and draw readers that way…

    That, and maybe work the word “Twilight” in as a key word in your blog somehow.

  • Julie Anne Lindsey

    Erin, You always make me smile! You were one of the first writer friends I made online. You are always entered in my contests. I’m smiling over here and thinking – I should see if there’s an Edward Cullen in the local phone book. Then I could ask him a couple of questions and lead my blog with “Online interview with Edward Cullen.” You should work in advertising!

  • kat

    Hey. Just joined via Google Friend Connect and have been enjoying following you on Twitter. I’m not yet familiar with Networked Blogs but something tells me that, with my two fledgling blogs, I should be. How long have you been a member? Do you love it?

  • I actually already own a copy and I love it! I re-read it all the time. What a great giveaway for your blog followers!

    I found you on the Blue Ridge Literary Agency client page. I’ve just submitted a query to them. *fingers crossed*

  • Julie Anne Lindsey

    Hi Kat! I just followed you on Twitter!

    Aubrie, Best of Luck! I am very excited to be meeting other women writers! Hope to see you on the Blue Ridge Site too soon! :)

  • You’re definitely on the right track. Contests/giveaways always bring a lot of followers (including me) because, hey, who doesn’t love free stuff?

    I RT’d your tweet too, so hopefully you get more folks to come by :)

  • Ooooo! Good giveaway! New follower here. :)

  • Julie Anne Lindsey

    Hi Kemari! Great to meet you! Much appreciation for the RT and follow! Gets me all excited. And, Free stuff? I know, right! Free books? On writing? Had to be a winner LOL. Really, thanks for the support!

    Kerrie! Thanks for the follow! Much Writer love back at ya!

  • I just found your blog from Twitter. What a great giveaway! And a good blog, too. :) I’ve enjoyed going back and taking a look at your old posts. I’m always on the lookout for new writer friends, too, and I’m glad I found you!

  • Ah! Pick me! :) I want it! :)

    ps: love your blog!

  • Julie Anne Lindsey

    Shallee! So nice to meet you! I’ve been checking out your blog and learning! For example, I had no idea that #YALITCHAT was organized. I just thought it was a twitter specific random thing, and I missed an awesome contest over at Shanon Whitney’s blog! Boo. Thanks for following ;)

    Madameduck. Your name is fabulous. What else is there to say? My writer’s mind is trying to think of a personality that would go with this name. You’ve given me much to think about.

  • Julie!!!
    Hey girl! Why is it so hard to get networking love? Idk, but I love everything you’re doing. You were my first follower (eeeek! thankyouthankyouthankyou!) so I know what you’re talking about!!! You continue to be an inspiration to me so keep it up, you make all us newbies want to do it as well as you!

  • I’m a new Networked Blogs follower as well as Google Friend Connect. And Donald Mass? WIN! I’m liking the blog so far, just stay true to yourself and blog about whatever is on your mind.

  • Julie Anne Lindsey

    Valerie! Honored to be your first follower! We writers have to stick together! :) You’re doing great and I can’t wait to watch your site coming together and your followers box to explode!! LOL

    Lisa, Thank you!! For the follow and the encouragement. And, YES, Donald Maass gets a big thumbs up!

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