Thankful Writer Here.

There’s something poignant about Thanksgiving to me. Amidst the chaos, my eyes are always open a little wider. I think it has to do with having everyone you love within screaming hugging distance. Today, my mind is full of promises and truths. My faith adds another layer of wonderful to everyday, but especially on days like this when I feel the unity of our country acknowledging all they have to give thanks for.

These are a few of the things I am thankful for:

My fabulous, amazing, handsome, funny, crazy-smart, rockstar hubby, my precious children, my loving, devoted, fabulous parents, my wonderful giant family which I married into, my friends, my unbelievable amazing church family, our pastors, fantastic childrens ministries, and womens ministries, and outreach programs, living in the midwest, my nice warm home, cars that run and are paid for lol, my health and the health of all those people listed above, American soldiers, policemen, firefighters, all those people on duty today to make sure we’re safe or healthy, the doctors and nurses at the hospitals and the volunteers at the shelters, yummy food to fill the tummys of those people above, books, family pets, my education and that of my kids. I’m thankful in advance for my little ones’ future spouses and their future children, and I hope they will be as blessed in their marriages as I am.  I’m thankful for my warm robe and comfy slippers,  my crit partner and critique group, for the Internet and Twitter and all social media for making the world smaller, allowing me to see what my friends in other countries are doing, how they’re celebrating and watch their children grow. My list can go on forever. There’s simply not enough space, even on the web, to list all I am thankful for or what it means to me, but I can tell you where it comes from: my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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