Writer Wednesday Welcomes Valerie Haight!

JULIE!!!!! *insert cartwheels* Thank you so much you AWESOME critty pal, you!!  It’s such an honor for me to brag here on your rockin’ blog today! I’m so excited to be your guest because I’ve learned so much from you. Musings was the first blog I clicked on when I decided to start writing. You helped me get published!  And here I am…on your blog talking about my first release, Happenstance. Isn’t life grand? It took a couple years and lots of sniveling and whining but I can finally call myself an author thanks to all your help! (Also, now might be a great time to apologize for all the newbie craptastic I had you critique. Eeesh and shiver.)

Let me interject *blog owner pulls rank on guest poster* You are crazy pants. You are brilliant and I am supremely blessed to be your crit girl. Also, I’m glad my posts about how to fail at writing helped you avoid those pitfalls. TO recap: I’m a dorkfish. You are *jazz hands*.  Please, continue. 

Happenstance, my debut novella, will be available from Turquoise Morning Press on December 13, 2012! I wrote this story using a corporate setting based on some of the relationship conflict I witness at my day job as an administrative assistant. I take note of the Peyton Place happenings and file them away in my scheming brain for future novels but today, we’re talking Happenstance!

Taryn Ballard is happily married and a newly appointed analyst for a prestigious shipping company.  Her career upsurges in record time but she’s about to discover the real price of corporate life.

While on yet another business trip, Taryn suffers a brutal attack by a carjacker. Her husband isn’t there, but her co-worker Devin is.  The accidental bond Taryn and Devin share pitches them into dangerous and confusing territory. Taryn struggles to discern both her feelings for her sexy protector and Wade’s reaction to it all. Unfamiliar emotions blur the rules of the game and Wade’s ready to quit.

Taryn must rise above disaster to save her marriage. But is she ready to let go of the man who saved her life? In a single moment, Happenstance changes everything.

One of the invaluable things I learned from you was to put my MC through the wringer and that’s just what I did with Taryn. She was so much fun to write because I could really play havoc on both Devin and Wade while running her through the mill! Yes, I’m awful. J My favorite two genres are suspense and romance so I couldn’t resist merging them into my story. Here’s a snippet to give you the feel of the book.

“Devin, it’s Taryn. You were right. The execs want me to meet them for dinner and I feel really foolish because I have a GPS and a connect-the-dot map from the concierge and I’m still lost.”

Devin laughed. “Not a problem. Where are you?”

Taryn took a second to locate the green street sign. “At the corner of First and Third at a tiny, ancient-looking convenience store.”

“Oh, I know the one. You’re right next to us. I could probably see you from the tower window. Okay, which restaurant are you looking for?”

Taryn grabbed the hand-drawn map. “Caminas.”

“I know where it is. Actually, it might be faster by freeway.”

“Of course it would. I just came from—”

An unexpected rush of damp, hot air hit her and Taryn turned, confused to see her door open wide. She sucked in a quick breath and saw too late the arm reaching for her. Terror gripped her as she zeroed in on the gun in her face.

 I had so much fun writing this story. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do! You can purchase Happenstance here on December 23rd!

Tweet with me @Valeriebrbr, follow me on Facebook or find out the latest on my Author Page about my upcoming short story Magnolia Brides in a TMP wedding anthology out in June! Thanks again, Julie!

About Valerie:

Valerie Haight is a short story writer and contemporary suspense and romance novelist.  She is a member of Ozarks Writer’s League through College of the Ozarks in Branson, MO. She is a published author with Turquoise Morning Press.

You can find her scheming on the corner of Happy Trouble and Literary Mayhem, also known as Twitter @Valeriebrbr or raising the eyebrows of her husband and two boys in their cozy Arkansas home. She also gives way more than her two cents at www.thewriteoneval.blogspot.com.

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  • antonio angelo

    wow that does sound intense, that is a great intro to the book. Good luck with your novel I cant wait for you to cartwheel onto the bestseller list. :)

  • Antonio! Thanks so much for stopping by! I can’t wait for me to cartwheel onto any list!!! :D

    Julie! Thanks HUUUUUGE for letting me ramble away on your awesome blog. I so love it here. *sighs*
    *flops down*
    I might just stay. lol


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