2011 Wrap-Up for Me. My Blog. My Writing.

This has been a great year for me. I thank everyone who stops here. I discovered Google Analytics and realized I’m not talking to myself. That’s a nice thing to know. Last year I wrote a 2010 wrap up – I think…it may have been after I’d completed a year of blogging…my days run together. It’s a writer’s life. What can I say? I judge time by what book I was reading or what chapter I was writing. I’m a mess.


2011 has come to a close and this is what my meager reading/writing/and online efforts have to show for themselves:


I have written and contracted three 25K word sweet romance novellas for the Turquoise Morning press’ new Honey Creek line (launching next month). Together they form my new Seeds of Love series. Bloom comes January 29th, Love Blossoms will arrive in September and the final book  comes this time next year :) — I’m having title fails, but it really does exist LOL

I managed to get short stories published in two anthologies as well. Fireworks in the Summer Shorts Anthology and Faith, Love & a Coast Guard in the Men in Uniform a Tribute Anthology.

I have also contracted a series of darkly humorous women’s fiction novels. The first title, Death by Chocolate will release late in March and kick off my Killer Confection Saga with kNight Romance Publishing.

Social Media!

The minute I signed my first contract – which was February 2011- I set up an author page on FaceBook and also an author website, JulieAnneLindsey.com (where absolutely no one ever goes LOL).

I have a GoodReads author account now which as it turns out isn’t super cool because I go there to see what everyone’s reading. I’m a greedy reader and HATE to miss anything!! But many people have security in place to filter authors out. I find that sucky because I’m not like a REAL author-author. I’m an obsessed reader who also writes stuff. I wanna be your friend!!! Let me INNNN *pounds on friendship door* I HAVE BROWNIES!!!


A First for Me:

I attempted NaNoWriMo for the first time ever in 2011! I lost, but whatever. It was a valiant effort, I promise.

Fabulous Excersions:

I attended the 2011 Lori Foster Reader & Writer get Together in Cincinnati, Ohio! 400 romance authors in one place? Wah? It made for some incriminating photos. I had a blast.

I also had the opportunity to attend the Central Ohio Fiction Writer’s Conference for the second year in a row. It was fabulous of course.

I highly recommend going to any conference you can if you’re a writer. It’s such a bizarre and thrilling feeling to MEET like in the flesh MEET people you read or chat with online. SO much fun.

Bloggy Deets

In 2011 I discovered the fun of stalking analytics. I found some interesting people visiting this place. My blog was visited by the Federal Trade Comission, the Federal Communication Commission, ColdWater Creek (I go to their site a lot too LOL), McMillan Publishing, lots of colleges and library systems, Amazon.com <– LOL right?, Nordstrom…I have an online shopping problem when the shops start checking me out too : / I’ll move on from this now.

25,000 unique visitors

from 121 countries <– OH-EM-GEE. Am I right?

100,000 page views

That’s a wrap! If you’re still reading this then THANK YOU!!! :) I can’t wait to see what 2012 has in store for all my writing buddies and tweet-peeps and friends.

Happy New Year!

5 comments to 2011 Wrap-Up for Me. My Blog. My Writing.

  • Happy New Year Julie. It sounds as though 2011 has been a great one for you. Wishing you an equally if not better (is that possible?) 2012!

  • Happy New Year, Julie!! Just love following your blogs and posts and sooooo glad we were able to connect!!! You go girl! 2012 is full of new adventures for you!!

  • Marie K (Bella)

    I think it is very interesting that Coldwater Creek, Amazon and Nordstrom visited your blog! lol How bizarre – I never thought of them coming to see me after I’ve visited them!

    Hope you have a safe New Year’s Eve tonight and much continued success in your writing in the New Year!

  • Jennifer

    Very interesting year in review! Beats reading all the people who died.

  • I’m happy 2011 was a such good year for you. I loved (twitter) meeting you last year (I’m still getting used to 2011 being “last year”. Where did the time go? :D ) and I hope to get to know you better in 2012.
    Happy New Year to you and your family! :)

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