2012 Writing Resolutions

Here we are! *blows tiny horn* We did it! 2011 is behind us and 2012 lay ahead filled with possibilities. This is very exciting to me as I am from the “ANYTHING is possible” state of mind. Maybe being an only child is the reason for my crazy self confidence (which transfers to everyone. I mean I can totally do it so why not every one else too?) Maybe it’s my faith. Maybe it’s the fact I’ve already seen so many people obtain the impossible. Whatever the reason, I want you to get smiley. You can do IT.

This is the time when we sit and make our resolutions. Many frown on this and I snort at them. I think that’s a hipster mentality. Making New Year’s Resolutions is a tradition. We’ve been doing it all our lives and it’s FUN. Remember fun?? Don’t get me started. ANYWAY!!!

I want to encourage you to put some writing resolutions in there with “save money” and “lose weight.” If you’re a writer, make this the year you embrace it! Here are some suggested writing resolutions:

2012 Writing Resolution…suggestions

1. Make the declaration. If you haven’t already, state it aloud “I’m a writer.” Promise to tell people the truth when they ask what you do. It’s okay to say “I was writing.” Stop pretending you were napping or cleaning. Writers never get to do those things.

2. Make time to write. If you have the opposite problem and say you’re a writer but can’t remember the last time you wrote anything *tsk tsk* Resolve to allow yourself an hour a week to write. That’s not much to ask. It’s the duration of one prime time show. One hour a week is NOT unattainable.

3. If you’ve been toiling with the same manuscript for too long, resolve to finish it in 2012. Don’t start a new one until this one is finished. Tell the other voices in your head their story will be told, but this one deserves your attention. Let me tell you, those other voices won’t disappear. They’ll be there. It’s okay to make notes about the concept to help you delve in later, then focus on the work that’s keeping you back from getting on with your career. Choose now before the unfinished story steals any more of your time: Finish it or drop it and walk away. Don’t let one story immobilize you.

4. Stop lurking. Are you a lookey-Lou? A lurky Sam? Knock it off! You’ll never make friends if no one knows you’re there. Leave comments on your favorite blogs. Talk to strangers on twitter. Strike up a conversation and keep doing it. You will be so much happier, less lonely and glad you did. I *promise*.

5. Get on twitter people! Serious. Get.On.Twitter. Email me if you need help but twitter is a writer’s paradise. Meet agent, editors, aspiring writers, your favorite authors, learn the scoop as it happens, find beta buddies and crit partners. GET ON TWITTER.

6. Submit! So many writers have a computer filled with manuscripts, short stories, poems, you name it….and they don’t submit them! What? Are you kidding me? *kicks you in the pants* Start submitting! You can’t keep those in a vault. We want to read them!!! Readers need new material. Do you know despite my own blog, social media addiction, home, hubsy, 3 kids and a myriad of other non-stop things, I down a novel every couple days? I NEED more awesome reads. Put yourself out there. Write “I will be brave” on that list of resolutions and do it!

7. Accept rejection as a war wound, battle scar, rite of passage and MOVE ON. Rejection is a part of the job. Like lack of sleep comes with a new baby or serious bruising comes with football. When you have something that matters to you, it will impact you. Take the blow, dust off your knickers and GET UP. Writers are tough so put the past where it belongs and put your eyes on the horizon, man.

8. Attend a writers event, book signing, conference, or other gathering of bookish peeps. It’s so refreshing to be surrounded by people that get you. Truly. WriteOnCon happens online every summer and is FREE. While it’s geared to writing for children through young adults, the advice and information given by agents and editors about the industry is invaluable. Definitely worth your time. Make a resolution to find a local conference or other event. Put it on your calendar. GO.

9. Tackle whatever other writing goal you’re putting off. Start a blog. Work on a web presence. Brand yourself. I know you have writer things you want to accomplish, make 2012 the year you do.

10. You’re a writer. Make that count this year. Your goals matter. Treat them that way. Until you do, no one else will. You can reach your goals, but every win starts with effort. Start a forward positive momentum now and resolve to keep it up. You are important. Your goals are too. If you need a cheerleader, let me know. You know where to find me. :)



10 comments to 2012 Writing Resolutions

  • Number five is a must from me. I have had a great year just by being on Twitter. I have attended a writers festival and met great people, simply because I used Twitter. It might take a while to get used to, but it definitely great!

  • Rebecca! Right? Twitter is the best! It took me a while to get my head around it too, but wow what an amazing wealth of information streaming all day everyday! LOL What did I do before twitter?? LOLI’ve met some awesome people there *cough* *wink* *CLAPPING*

  • All excellent suggestions. 2011 was my year for coming out of my shell and starting to get it done. 2012 will be my year for ratcheting it up.

    Specifically speaking, #4 (gotta lurk less :) and #8 are the big gaps I need to fill. But there’s a ton more to do as well….not the least of which is write, write, write. :)

  • Another vote for Twitter – even just for a break from writing it’s a great great tool.

  • This list is awesome. Thanks for putting it together. You know, my life changed so much in 2011 when I put #1 into practice. Actually, it made my life more… mine. :)

    And I vote for Twitter too! (Even though sometimes I’m just a “lurker” – LOL!) Seriously though, the useful links I’ve found via Twitter are a great reason to keep on Tweeting.

    So Happy New Year! May 2012 be a fabulous one for you!

  • I am all for writer resolutions!! I just finished my first manuscript. I’m giving myself the next six months to sit on it, edit, sit on it, edit, edit edit. I want it very polished when I start sending it off to agents. meanwhile, I plan to research said agents, publishers, and the publishing industry.

    Secondly, I have the second book in the trilogy to write. So far, I’m still in the brainstorming phase (and yes, I’m taking notes). Writing should start happening around February. I like to take my time brainstorming).


  • The only thing about twitter that makes me sad is I just don’t have the time to take in all the info there.

    This is a great list. Can’t wait to watch you accomplished the items :)

  • #6. I didn’t do it at all in 2011. I have so many rejections that I’ve now been stockpiling them alongside my accumulating manuscripts. Guess I should jump back in in 2012. Great list, for sure.

  • I’m on Twitter, i’m not a huge fan of it but i see the “need” to be on it. I haven’t got ‘hooked’ yet.

  • Ohhhh! I’m inspired! Nice one!!!!!!!

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