A New Office For Me. Coming Soon.

So, this is a personal, non-craft/industry related post. I’m having a less than happy face moment in my writer-life. For me, writing’s like that. Ups and downs, sometimes maniacal highs and lows. Coming off the completion of a manuscript is like having the wind knocked out of me. Knowing the heavy lifting is done, now the redecorating begins. Lots of clean up to go on soon. For today I have my, “I might as well quit trying because I suck eggs” attitude on. What separates my mood from my truth is that I know this will pass. I’ve been here enough to recognize it. Determination will rear it’s head soon and I’ll be all over that draft like…well me on coffee or chocolate or fresh watermelon…you get the picture.

Meanwhile, I thought I’d talk about my new office. It’s *almost* finished. There’s carpet now and pretty teal-ish paint and an awesome Hunter light/fan combo. My new desk, file cabinet and return were delivered this weekend. My super-comfy roller chair is in place. I’ve matted and framed the cover arts I’ve accumulated so far with my name on them. I can’t wait to decorate. It’s mine. mine. mine. mine. mine. This is extra exciting because originally Hubsy and I had a throw down, wherein he told me the office we were building was HIS and I could use it while he was at work. Guffaw. Yeah. WTH?

But, alas, he is lovely and while installing my new office door, he said something terribly sweet about my new office. MINE. like Julie’s, not his. Wait. That got all confusing for a second.

I can’t wait to post some pictures. I hope to get it all pretty in the next week or two, assuming I can put a book down long enough to do anything at all. I’m on a YA binge lately. So, that’s all. That’s my story. After spending my entire I-wanna-be-a-writer life sitting criss-cross-applesauce on my family room couch with laptop on legs, I now have a real desk and rolly chair and door. A door! This is wondrous and I think faeries and unicorns will inhabit my new space with me from sheer joy.

Pics to come!

So, writers: Where do YOU write?

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