A Web Presence Will Subject You to Haters

I have something to say to those of you who are deciding if they need a blog or a twitter account or a face book page. I still say Go For It because there are about a million reasons it’s wonderful. Branding, networking, building a fan base…I could go on. But this post is about something else. This is me saying: we all know once we publish our first book, there will be haters.

I’m here  to tell you the haters already hate you. It’s what they do. They scoff and grimace and gnash their teeth at little children and old women and puppies and rainbows.

Once you put yourself out there, you’re fair game. You will at some point get rude comments, know-it-all comments… People will point out your typos or things you didn’t say exactly precisely right. For example: I might blog to tell new writers to avoid was sentences because they tend to be telly. I might say there are better ways to say the same thing. A hater will jump on their  keyboard indignant and start banging our how smart they are in your comments “Sometimes WAS IS the right way to say it” and then they’ll pontificate in a comment longer than your original post about all the ways you were wrong and they are right.

I’m just sayin. It will happen.

Here’s what you do.

1. Roll your eyes. 

2. Pop over to their blog and see they only have one follower and it’s their great-grandmother.

3. Know your post was written for a purpose they obvs didn’t understand it, but your friends and readers will.

4. Vow to never-ever-never write a know-it-all comment on another person’s blog. I mean, what does that really get you? It irritates someone else and that’s all it accomplishes. Nothing is gained from publicly pointing out someone else’s mis-bloggings.

5. Keep your chin up and let your readers and friends and followers continue to see you for you. Get to know them and do your thing.

It’s a big world out there and haters abound.

Consider this a small test of what is to come when you do have a book being reviewed and passed around. You can’t please everyone. Make sure you’re being yourself and don’t be tempted to call out a hater. Believe me that’s what they LIVE for. LOL

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  • I totally understand and agree with what you are saying. However, it is extremely hard to shake it off or ignore it. overall its not easy having your work criticized.

  • Great post Julie, thanks.

    I’ve had one or two hateful comments over the years and I’ve learned that the absolute best thing to do is ignore them. It may sting, and you may mull over the meaning of it all, but in the end, what do people like that want? Attention. And if you give them none, their fire goes out.

    I console myself with the fact that I believe in what I’m doing, and enjoy doing it. There are a lot of bitter, angry people out there, and life’s too short to care why they feel the need to bring you down. You’re doing something they wish they were doing, possibly.

    And then there’s the fact that for every hater, there are hundreds of likers. So believe them, or better yet, believe in yourself.

  • so true Julie, basically anytime you raise your head above the crowd…

    Thank you for these wise words and for the positive encouragement!

  • Haters gonna hate. If we’re confident in our work and we always strive to improve, who gives a rip?

    However, it’s important to understand that what negative reviewers say isn’t always necessarily wrong. I’ve seen venomous reviews of others’ works where I may agree with their core message, while at the same time I want to punch the “reviewer” in the face. It’s all about credible delivery.

    I have to be somewhere right now; if y’all are really unlucky, I may have more later on this. :D


  • As someone who’s fairly new to the blog world, with plans to someday write a book, I really appreciate your words here. Thanks for the heads-up, and especially the tips for dealing with it.

  • Great post, and a good head’s up. At the moment, I think if I managed to get haters on my blog I’d be quite flattered – it’d show I’m getting somewhere towards being important enough to be hated! Still, it’s a good thing to be mindful of, so thanks :)

  • Thanks for those wise words, Julie. Putting your work out there is sometimes the equivalent of standing in your underwear in the middle of Times Square: there are people who admire you, people who find only flaws (projecting maybe?), and people who envy the sheer guts it took to do such a thing. And none of those reactions really have anything to do with you. :)

  • Some of these haters spend all day doing nothing but. It used to be easier to identify “trolls”, but now they tend to disguise themselves as people who are trying to have a conversation, then BAM.

    I think Rewan is right – haters on the blog aren’t really a bad thing.

    (I saw the “haters gonna hate” tweet and had to come over :) http://wosushi.wordpress.com/2011/09/16/friday-inspiration-not-everyone-likes-you/)

  • Excellent points!

    Unfortunately, a lot of people expect the Internet to be sunshine and lollypops, and are very surprised and very hurt if somebody is mean to them. Unfortunately, it’s up to us to put our big kid pants on and ignore trolling and such. And really, if you do get that kind of attention, it means you’re doing something right! Right?

  • I just wanted to point out a few typos and errors in your logic in this post. First of all… oh, wait….

    Never mind.

    Seriously, good post. I sometimes wonder how many people give up on blogging, writing, creating, due to the caustic words of some loser. Good for you for putting this out there!

  • While I could probably have written this much better and found many syntax errors and the form could use some improvement (parody #4) if you go to my blog, TiltedQuill on WordPress, I haven’t actually posted anything yet, procrastination stinks. I enjoyed this very much and really like your blog here. I saw your comment on twitter and had to come check it out. I am looking forward learning a lot from you, thanks.

  • I’ve had so much fun reading everyone’s comments on this post LOL Really. Truly. I’m smiling. Thank you :)

  • Treating haters with the utmost kindness always works.

    Along with embracing and using their bad reviews to your advantage.

  • I consider myself as a newbie in the blogging world and this helps me a lot, now i know what to do and what NOT to do!

  • Oh so true! I content myself by repeating at regular intervals: “Opinions are for entertainment purposes only.”

  • Kathleen

    Very refreshing take on the NastyGram’ing Trolls/mean commentors. You’re right — they’re just an “oh well” within the bucket of life. ;-)

  • I like Randi’s attitude. There is probably a grain of truth in those negative reviews that may give a writer more insight. At least that person bothered to read it. Sometimes a critical review can actually be good for marketing.

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