Another Reason to Meet Writers: Quotes for Your Book

Here’s something I never really thought of until a few months back. Now, I’m seeing it come up on blogs and in my yahoo groups. Once your amazing manuscript is purchased, you’re going to need a couple quotes from authors. Uh oh. Don’t worry. Now is the time to start building relationships. Before the edits with you publishing house and all the publicity work, now is when you should be meeting writers. When we’re in the writing process and the being rejected phase, on an agent hunt…these are the moments where camaraderie and encouragement are priceless. Then, later when our book is FINALLY going to print, and our editor says “can you give this to a couple authors to read and ask if we can get a quote for promotion?” You won’t stand blinking into your celly and thinking “Aw crap.”

So, get out there and network with writers! Writers are cool! Writers are fun! And if you never have to ask them for quotes, you’ll still have gained a super fun new bestie who understands what its like to be a crazy writer. Priceless.

3 comments to Another Reason to Meet Writers: Quotes for Your Book

  • Makes sense. Takes lots of courage to ask for the first quote or first review. Then it just goes from there.

    So I prefer to offer lots of reviews for the books I like :) sometimes folks return the favors.

  • You know, I’d never actually thought about that. Or I just thought it was the publishing company who asked for the quotes. I suppose this goes double for the growing number of writers who decide to go the self-publishing route.

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