Binge Reading at My House Requires a Bounce House

I have been blessed with reading goodness galore as of late. Yesterday I was on page 50 of Lauren Kate’s Passion, a book I waited for months to release. I borrowed the tome from the local library but no sooner received it than I had to begin edits on a manuscript. Then, I got an ARC in the mail from a twitter pal. I devoured that upon receipt, Vanish by Sophie Jordan. (I reviewed Vanish HERE.)

So, I was 50 pages into a 420 page book when I got a nice email from the local library saying the book was due back the next day (today). Well. Um. I have three kids and no break and 350 pages to read in 24 hours. I tried to renew and was denied. Passion is a new release and someone else was waiting for it. I chewed my nails. What to do? Keep it and pay the fine? That would keep another reader waiting. Let it go, and buy my own copy? Who knows when I’ll get to a store because I try to lay low with all these kids in tow. I went with the third option.

Binge Read.


There’s only one way to get some time to read with all these kids home all day arguing and wanting fed. I called forth The Bounce House!


*Huge thanks to Abby Jones for suggesting I wrote on this topic*

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