Blog Hop & Follow Friday 6/3

It’s time for the Blog Hop & Follow Friday again! I love this part of the week because  I’m meeting so many awesome bloggers, writers, readers *sigh*. So to all of you hopping with me I’m smiling widely like a doofus and waving frantically as always!!

Blog Hop is hosted over at Crazy-for-Books. These memes were created to help make the web smaller, and introduce us bloggers to one another. We can find sites and meet people and follow those we love! We increase our followers and we get some fun new sites to add to our dashboards too. Its a big win-win and I am thrilled to be taking part again this week.

So the question this week at Crazy for Books is:

“Share your favorite post from the last month and tell us why it’s close to your heart!”

I think my post called Waiting: Its the Writer Life hits home for me. Waiting is very hard for anyone, but writers are perpetually waiting on something. Our hearts are on our sleeves everyday hoping to find an agent, sell our manuscript, find a publisher, hear back from our critique groups, beta readers, maybe contest we entered…writers wait and wait and it can drive you buggy some days with worry. I am waiting for two things right now, plus I’m headed to a writers conference today to pitch my manuscript. There will be more waiting if they want to see it. Waiting is tough, real tough, but its the life. I knew when I signed on but I love writing too much to stop, so I will wait. Wow. I guess I needed to unload this morning! Thanks for listening :)


Thanks everyone for stopping by! Leave a comment and tell me if you follow! I always follow back!!!

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