Book Review: Ten Things We Did (and probably shouldn’t have)

I am a huge YA reader. Addicted is an understatement. For every book I read meant for the 25 & over crowd, I read an entire freaking library of YA. Then a non-YA. Then 47 YAs. You get it. Despite my YA obsession, I rarely do book review these days. There’s a bunch of reasons you don’t care about. The main one being there are sooooooo many *blowing-my-mind*. Where would I even begin? Better, where would I end? If I reviewed every YA I read and loved this would become a YA review blog fast. I really want to keep my blog focused on my bookish friends who also write. Writing is my passion and writing in the hopes of publication is like trying to catch a unicorn, so definitely want to share what I learn and encourage those of you also trying to catch a unicorn. Maybe I can get a show on that channel where the guy thinks he’s chasing Big Foot, but he calls him a Sqwatch and eats a lot of bacon. Very little else.  Now my review.

Ten Things We Did (And probably shouldn’t have) by Sara Mlynowski

This was a cheap download on Kindle. I’m not gonna lie. I read so much para YA, I almost didn’t start this book.

But then I did.

I read this title in a day. I barely slept…except in church accidentally when I stayed up until dawn reading the night before. This is a really real book about people. The overall concept of a teen’s parent letting them move in with another family is iffy, but it’s a book. Do I think vampires sparkle? Sometimes you tell yourself “It’s a BOOK” and go with it. SO, I did because I loved this MC from the first sentence. I continued to love her and then I loved every other character this author created. All of them, even the awful ones because they too were so real.

I laughed my way through the crazy antics and awkward situations that flew by me at warp speed. This girl gets into more trouble in one weekend at 16 than I did in 4 years of college and let me tell you….I had fun in college. This book deals with truth and emotion and the incredibly complex dynamic of friends/relationships/families etc in a way no one can deny. I was so captivated by this story that at one point I reached for my cappuccino and then stopped reading to look for it when I didn’t feel it, only to realize I didn’t have a cappuccino. The people in the story were having cappuccinos. I was not. LOL Now THAT has never happened to me.

This author hit a major home run. I laughed so hard I swiped tears. And I snorted. I related. I rooted. I am now recommending. This is fabulous. Made of awesome. Wrapped in fun. You need to read it. YA lovers simply must. I am now looking for everything I can find by  Sarah Mlynowski. She’s officially made my I-will-read-anything-you-write-including-postits-and-flash cards-pile.

Loved it. 95 stars or something. (I don’t really have a scale but should).

Read a little here if you’d like:

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