BookBuzzed Launches Today!

Today an AMAZING new site launched that has me all worked up LOL! BookBuzzed was inspired by the annual Reader & Writer Get Togethers. Every year tons of authors and writers come to common ground and chat adn drink and eat and talk books. Unfortunately, many more than CAN go – Can’t. What about all the readers adn authors who WANT to hook up but can’t get away to an event?

BOOKBUZZED answers their dilemma. Now a different author each day features their newest book and a little about themselves, then they offer up a free copy to one reader. Readers go to see the daily buzz. If they think the title sounds yummy, they enter their email to win. the winner gets an email from the author and a copy of the daily feature sent by them!

All day long the authors with twitter accounts will answer questions to the #bookbuzzed hashtag which scrolls on the BookBuzzed site for those who want to watch but don’t tweet. It’s just a super fun and fabulous way to get to know what’s new on the shelves, meet a new book, get  to know lots of authors and do it all from your nice warm home.

I love it!

I hope you’ll pop over and see what the BUZZ is today :)

Oh, and did I mention that for their November launch party, one of the readers who enter to win a book this month will be chosen at random to receive a new Kindle Fire? So true.

See you there!

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