Christmas Party with my Peeps

Well, this is the most wonderful time of the year. It’s time again for friends and families to get together and laugh and simply be. This is happening for my local guild of word nerds too! Each year the Canton Writer’s Guild gathers together, not for a meeting, but to party. We get to talk and relax and interact in a special way. Most of the time we have fun, but let’s face it. We only have a couple hours a month and we have things to accomplish at the meetings, so twice a year we meet just to hang out. Christmas is one of those times.

I really enjoy seeing my friends in their Christmas threads and giant smiles. We have more punch than coffee and more cookies than I would like to admit. There’s a bond between writers outsiders don’t seem to understand. This is why I believe it is important to belong to a group, a guild, a community of writers in some manner. If your town doesn’t have a writer’s group, find one online. I love online communities and I can tell you three of my closest friends right now live across the country. Two of them I don’t expect I’ll ever get to meet because the distance is so great and time is so limited. But none of that matters. The net brings us together at the push of SEND.

This season, when you’re shopping for gifts for everyone you know, take a minute to get a gift for yourself. Find and join a writers group. It’s the best gift a writer can giver themselves, career-wise, inspiration-wise or otherwise!

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