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I know. I know. I’m in the middle of a blog tour and I’ve been neglecting my blog. Other than to say “Find me here today” every day, I haven’t been properly blogging. I miss it. And in the course of boring you to death with a daily post of “Come here to see me,” I’m having lots of fun blog worthy things happen to me that I want to tell you about. This one can’t wait.

If you live this side of No Man’s Land, there’s likely a few schools and colleges a stone’s throw away. These are fabulous resources for you as a writer. Especially if you went to one or more of them and even better if what you’re writing is something those students might be interested in reading.

For example: Do you write children’s books? Contact the local pre-schools and elementary schools and Montessori Academies. They would love to have you come in and read to their class, or talk to the kids about how much you love words, what your favorites were as a child, etc.

Do you write for young adults? Call the high schools.

Fiction or Non fiction? Call the colleges. Maybe even make a trip to visit your alma mater! If you have a book out, it’s worth a few phone calls, don’t you think? The added exposure and networking are an author’s goldmine in a day and age where we hold more and more responsibility for self promotion.

Never underestimate the reach one little connection can make. Some calls will go unreturned. Whatever. You have to be used to rejection by now. You’re a writer. That’s like our collective middle name. As an aside…I think we should all get some kind of tat representing the number of rejections we’ve had. Like war wounds. Or those tear drops on inmates. Other writers will know what it means and we can share a silent nod of respect as we walk past one another on a crowded street. I just had a total slow motion movie moment in my head. *Makes note to explore writer-rejection-tat idea further* LOL

For me, I called Kent State University. I graduated from there *cough* years ago and took a chance at calling the library for a book signing, or heck, just to donate a copy of Death by Chocolate if they’d take it. It was the best call I’ve made as an author. I’ve been back to Kent twice this month to enjoy the new library- renovated beyond recognition since I left there. It has a Starbucks now. It’s high tech awesome wrapped in blue and gold. I am so glad I called. I met an incredible library dean who is so enthusiastic about learning and reading and words that I wanted to hug him, but refrained as I cannot afford another restraining  order at this time. LOL I’ve made a trip to take my Little Miss to explore the un-freaking-believable new training library for smart students who already know they want to be a children’s librarian. And I made a new friend. Diana Sperko, the KSU Communications Director has turned out to be one of the coolest people – ever. I am making plans to take the hour long drive again soon just to hang out at the library with a coffee and a girlfriend. And they even invited me to take part in their Kent Reads program in April. Best call ever.

And if your book isn’t out yet, call anyway. Make connections you can build on. Get involved in their schools. Those seeds planted won’t blow away. Isn’t that why we write? Because we love words and want to share our enthusiasm? Call. You never know what will come of it!

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