Do You Pinterest?

What the heck is a Pinterest?

The Internet is abuzz over Pinterest. I remember getting an invitation to join earlier this year and squealing a little. It was new. It was fun. I got an invitation, which made me feel special. I liked. But, like all new things, I ran right over and watched. I stick my nose into things, everything. True. I’m a curious lady. I like to know things.Hate to miss out. I’m also a cautious lady who likes to see what she’s gotten into. For those of you who aren’t on Pinterest, I think you should check it out. I’ll tell you a little, but let me also warn you, it can be addictive, especially early on when everything is new to you.

So, What’s it do?

I don’t know. Nothing. It’s more like entertainment provided by other people who surf the Net. They see stuff they like, and they “Pin it” to one of their “Boards.” Then, you can see it.

Boards are like little scrapbooks or office cork boards where you have a topic and stick things related for inspiration or another purpose. You can name your boards anything you’d like. You can search Pinterest for terms you’d like to be entertained by and Voila! Pictures, videos, articles, recipes, fashion, whatever…pop up for you to like or repin if you want to put it on one of your boards.

But Why?

Der. Because it’s fun. For lazy surfers, it brings thing to you. It’s eclectic. It’s personal.

My vote: Check it out. It’s worth your time to see what the fuss is all about. At least then, when asked, you can honestly say you’ve been there, pinned the t-shirt. Pop over, make an account, and start pinning. Or, just  pop over and start perusing. It’s fun.


I’m using Pinterest to build an inspiration board for my current WIP. Having all those visual images has whipped me into a writing frenzy. Maybe it can get your creative juices flowing too :)

So, how about you? Do you Pinterest?


2 comments to Do You Pinterest?

  • Maribeth

    I recently became a member of pinterest. I was. Curious to see what is was all about and now I’m addicted. I also have a writing inspiration board. I love that site! Maribeth

  • Jadi

    I have a Pinterest. Sometimes it’s a good alternative to search engines. People have already gone through the chaff and put the useful stuff up. It’s a great website. All the benefits of the internet, social networking, research, news, and very little cybertrash. I got a writer’s stuff pinboard too.

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