Do YOU Review? Maybe You Should.

If you’ve stumbled over here somehow, I’m guessing you love words as much as I do. Reading is one of my very favorite things to do. Authors make me giddy with their stories and intrigue and love and danger. How could I ever repay them? Sure, I could send them a basket of Poptarts, but I know what they’d rather have than anything else from a reader….A review.

Reviews are like precious golden tickets WillyWonka style for writers. Getting books published is tough stuff, but then what? How do they SELL them? PROMOTE them? Know if they matter? Answer: Reviews.

Reviews tell authors how the book is received, and it tells other readers they don’t want to miss out on this glorious word feast. I for one pick about 90% of my books based on blogger hype. I see the cover art and title over and over and think, “Man, I need to see what this is all about!” When people love it, I want to love it too.

A review is a powerful thing. Don’t underestimate it.

You can review the book on the site where you bought it. Blog your review. Tweet your review. Try Goodreads, or Shelfari. But, PLEASE, I BEG you. If you loved it, let us know. We WANT to know! I need to know what to read. Authors need to know their efforts matter. I figure I spend two days reading a delicious new title. Taking five to ten minutes to write a review can’t kill me, right? LOL And it really does matter. Your opinion matters.

I’m as guilty as anyone about NOT reviewing and part of that stems from the fact that I write. One day someone will read my book and want to vomit. Then they’ll review it and I’ll die a little inside. So, I think “If I stay very quiet over here maybe karma will squash my future haters’ efforts to write a scathing review.” Sadly that’s not how it works and I’ve read so much awesome lately. I need to be telling other readers and the authors how much it’s true.

So, tell me…do you guys review? Where and how often? Only good reviews? All reviews? And if you’re an author…do You review? What do reviews mean to you?

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  • I review,

    I try and review every book I read. Depending on the length of the books I’m reading, social life and other commitments this usually means 1-2 reviews on my blog per week. Luckily, most books I’ve reviewed so far I have been able to recommend. I did stop reading two books instead of giving them a review. It’s not a job. I read for pleasure and I did not enjoy those two books so I stopped reading them. Only two books so far have I felt that I could not recommend. That’s my own opinion and others disagreed. Hence why I allow comments on my blog.


  • I review on my blog, and I sometimes post reviews on GoodReads and LibraryThing (only when there’s not many reviews of the book, because there’s a lot of reviewers who are better at it than me and I don’t want to block out good reviews with my mediocre one). I review almost everything I read on my blog, good or bad, though if I didn’t really enjoy it I try to point out good things about the book as well as what I didn’t like.

  • I read at least 4-5 books a month and just don’t have the time to review all of them, so at the end of the month I review my most favorite read for that month… sometimes the decision to pick just one is nearly impossible so I pick my top two or three… haha!

  • I’m so thankful for all you reviewers! I often follow the meme “IMM or In My Mailbox” I hop around looking at what everyone loved then open a new window to my local library and request it all LOL. As a reader, I totally appreciate you!

  • I try to review everything that I read and when I don’t like a book, I try to write a tasteful review. It’s not realistic to think that I will like every book I read, and many times my mood can alter my thoughts on a book. As a blogger, I feel more connected to the publishing world, I understand it more. Social Media has me connected with many wonderful authors. Before and author was just an author, but an author is a person and they have feelings too.

    I really enjoyed this post, because as a blogger it’s good to know your reviews are appreciated as well.

  • I review most books I read. I review on my blog, Amazon and Good reads. I love reviewing books and giving my opinion. As an added bonus, through my reviews I have gotten to meet great and fun authors!

  • Well, we both know I review..but I’m betting others don’t. What? Not everyone knows me? The SHAME! :) LOL. I review regardless of if I loved it and want to worship the ground the author walks on…or I hated it and threw it across the room half way through it. I’m honest in all reviews I write but in a unattacking way. I don’t set out to break someone author down with a scathing review. I try and write a review for most everything I read. I put reviews on my blog and goodreads. Lately Amazon as well. If an author requests it I will put them on B&N or other sites.

    Reviewing is fun! And since my hubs could care less about some smoking hot mercenary that just saved a girl from bazooka carrying bad guys, I have to talk to someone. So I talk to my followers instead. :)

  • Kudos to all my book reviewing friends! I love hearing from all of you who take the time. :) Oh and I am cracking up at the surprise appearance from my witty cousin Nikki Brandyberry. Nikki likes to read and review HAWT romances. If you like to read steamy romance and enjoy a good candid review on that genre…check her out. She’s a freaking blog phenom. Muwah xoxo

  • I used to be inconsisten about it, but now I make a point to write a review and cross post to B&N, Amazon, Goodreads. I depend on reviews so much I realized I needed to contribute!

    It’s especially important for books that aren’t on the NYT list or ones by debut authors. Even if I don’t like a book I try to be fair in my review and take into consideration how much effort goes into writing and publishing it. I’ll write something like, “I’m not the target demo for this book but you may like it if you are into xyz.”

  • I review every book I read – the good and the bad, luckily I don’t have many bad ones. :P

    It takes me 1 to 2 days to read a book so the reviews go up quite regularly.

    I am an aspiring author, trying to get published. Obviously I am nervous about getting negative reviews, but you’ve got to take the bad with the good!
    I think as long as you have some people that love it, it makes it easier to take the bad.


  • I’ve reviewed a few books but now I will try to review more. I find Goodreads hard to use so I have no idea if my reviews are up or not.

    I am so glad to hear that many of you don’t review books you don’t like or if you do so you do it with grace. I had some great reviews for one of my books, The Rose & the Lily, and one reviewer that ripped me to shreds. You’d think I’d stolen her prom date in high school or something. Needless to say, that review is NOT posted on my website. Hmmm maybe it would increase sales if it was. Who knows?

  • Ashley Prince

    I love reviewing books! I have a Barnes and Noble account and I try to review books that I really and truly enjoyed. I also am going to start a book review blog. All of my friends and family ask me what books to read and keep me on speed dial when they take a trip to a book store.

    I love GoodReads and am debating getting an account there. I use it to get ideas on how to write a good review. I still don’t know how or I should rate books based on stars or things like that. But I already have six books reviewed and a few more in the works and I’ll be posting those once I get my book blog set up.

  • If I don’t have time to write a “proper” review, I normally always at the very least tweet the author about reading their book. I love this post, and wish more people realized how valuable reviews are to writers!! ALthough, I’d never turn down a basket of strawberry poptarts…

  • I’ve got quite a few reviews up in the Book Corner on AgentQueryConnect, but I do only try to review something I feel positive about. It’s that darn Bambi line my mother always throws at me, you know? “If you don’t have anything nice to say….”

  • With so many reviewers out there already, I’m thinking about using my blog more as a book journal, logging what I’ve read, my thoughts, impressions. Not reviews, really, just musings. What do you think?

  • EL

    I’ve been a fanfiction author for the last six years and can definitely say that reviews are definitely a plus and can be helpful if people actually say more than, “that chapter was so good”. The more details, the more helpful.

    If a story was good, then I generally try to review. If it’s not, then I usually don’t review and keep moving.

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