I write nonstop. I love it. I’ve written everything from Christian YA to urban fantasy, middle grade, and even contemporary women’s. As a result, I have discovered something about me. I had been wrangling with the editing of my quirky women’s fiction when I was called back to rework the Christian YA. Because of the immediate shift from one genre to the other, I learned this. I like quirky. I love snarky. I may even adore smarmy. So, while YA fantasy may be all the rage these days, I prefer nutty characters that blatantly do all of the things that we never would. I like throwing political correctness into the wind, and just telling those fakers out there that I know what they are. Well, I would never do that personally, of course, but my characters can. When I think about it, it’s just so  – me. I’m not a romantic, I like irony. I watch the Vampire Diaries to see what completely rude thing Damon will say next. I liked Jack Bauer because he just was who he was, no apologies. I can’t do that in life, but I can in a book. In life, I match my bag and shoes (which is always super fun), I never leave home without my makeup (can you even imagine?), and I never ever make phone calls past nine o’clock pm, or before eight o’clock am (ah, rude). I am confined by the rules. It happens to only children like myself. I want to do everything at 125%.  I want to do good. I want to be praised. I still laugh when people fall down, but there’s little to be done about that. So, anyway, I think I may be finding my voice. Perhaps YA is not my voice.Its often my favorite read, but maybe the two a just separate. Unless, I can pen a story of two teens who embrace their inner nerd and … yeah, no teen wants to read that.

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