I notice that Twitter is the new addiction in the literary world, and everywhere else, I suppose. Myself, I prefer Facebook. The ironic thing there is that I was forced to open an account after years of rolling eyes at social network users. My Hotmail and I were content together. No need for lingering one liners and unanswered questions. I didn’t need pictures and event invitations. I had it all already. Hotmail was my mistress. (My mister?)Turns out, I was wrong. I needed it.

About a year ago, I was in a position where I needed to step down from a ministry. (Yep. I’m a Jesus girl). So, anyway, I had been on a leadership team for several years and life was getting busy. I couldn’t do everything at 125% which is my goal, so I stepped down. My dear sweet new friend and replacement came in the form of a girl who lived in another city. Facebook was the logical choice for meeting and exchanging ideas, information, etc. So, reluctantly, I opened an account. I did my best to ignore the thing, only logging in to check messages and then promptly signing out. That lasted a long long while. In fact, I can’t say when I discovered the joy that is Facebook, but I did.

Now, I check in all the time. I love seeing how everyone is doing. I read the funny one liners. I respond. I update. I add my own pictures and everything. I crack myself up, and can occasionally be mildly offensive. I’m truly working on that. I’ve navigated some tricky waters, what with children of friends being my friends. Innuendos have to be disguised as covert little pokes (no pun intended). I mention lightly about my writing obsession without tipping my hand too far. I bob and I weave and I stalk and I rant. I simply love it. It’s fun. It’s easy, and I am here to advocate for Facebook. Try it, you may discover that you really really like it. I did.

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