Form Rejection

How many times have I received a form rejection to my query? More than I will admit. How angry am I that I spent months perfecting the query and polishing the manuscript, only to receive a form letter, probably not even sent by the agent themselves? I’m not. I think that its silly to get angry. First off, we writers aren’t entitled to anything. I think that entitlement is the new mental disorder, soon to be added to the DSM IV. I’ll keep you posted on that.

Writers work on their one project. Agents wade through thousands of projects. How can they give each one special attention? If we were them, we’d do it the same way. By the way, those perfect query letters rarely are. If you doubt me, ask the Query Shark.

You can find her here: QUERYSHARK
Everyone using her site thought that they had a ringer too.

Also, researching the agents to contact should take much longer than most writers spend, I think. Finally…and this is my favorite part: Silence will be the form rejection of the future.

Huffington Post Article

Nathan Bransford also has an awesome blog that I recommend. Find him here: NATHAN BRANSFORD

So, for everyone who thinks that agents should do more than copy, paste, send…one day you will not even get that. The answer is to keep working, researching and writing. Every piece you write improves your skill. Every revision that you make improves your piece, and every article that you read improves your chances of getting your name on a hardcover one day.

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