Full Manuscript Requests

Today, I will be submitting a full manuscript for review with an agent. This is always a nail wrecker for me. Any interaction with a literary agent should be treated as if it will be the last. Most likely, it will be.

Once your query is rejected, the game is over. (Unless you rewrite the query completely and wait a few months to try again, but that isn’t exactly recommended). If the query piques their interest, then you send 10, or 50 pages, maybe the first three chapters. Those chapters have to sing and dance because once the agent says ‘no’, they don’t want to see it again. I’ve heard that an agent may ask to see them again with revisions, but that scenario is different, it was the agent’s request. Now, if you hook them in three chapters, they will give you a request for full. The big enchilada.

Someone wants to see your entire manuscript . This is huge. Your hopes are in the sky. This could be it.

So, don’t blow it.

Even if your manuscript is polished to a shine, read it again. Ask a friend. Beg a stranger. Read it one more time. You won’t regret it.

I have mentioned the request I had on a manuscript last week. The first three chapters were with that agent for six months. That’s a long time even by industry standards. I hadn’t looked at it in half that amount of time. When I opened it and began to read it before I sent it off, I discovered something. All the time I have spent reading and writing has helped. I saw things that I didn’t see or know three months ago. I revised. I found missing commas, missing words and more. When I had been pouring over the pages every day, three months back, , I hadn’t seen the errors because my mind knew what it thought was already there. After reading it this time, and making it perfect, I still didn’t send it. I contacted the Word Whisperer. She found even more tweekable issues. It took a week, but when I hit send on this full today, I will know that what I am submitting is my best work. If my hope ends with me holding a rejection, I will not wonder if there was something more I could have done. I’ve read it, fixed it, reread it, fixed that, shared with a friend and fixed again. Now, I know that it is all that it can be. If this ends in a rejection, it simply wasn’t the time, the agent, or the right manuscript to officially begin my term as Julie Anne Lindsey, author.

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