Happy Birthday Hubsy!!!

Today is my husband’s birthday. I know this is a writer/reader blog, but I am all about my awesome husband and I really wanted to give him a shout out today. Don’t worry, you don’t have to read it, LOL but I really want to write it…

Two years ago I watched a movie that captivated me. Hubsy told me “I think that’s a book.” This is where the crazy writing life started for me. I was all fat and hormoney – nursing baby number three and never-ever-never getting any sleep. Hubsy bought me the book. It was the first book I’d read that wasn’t about parenting in YEARS. Years.

The writing bug struck and I thought, “I want to write a book!” When I told my husband I had a screaming baby *screeeeaming* on one hip, a toddler banging on the table for whatever it was he needed at that moment, and a Kindergartner I was homeschooling. Hubs looked only at my super excited face and said, “What’ll it be about?” I still tear up when I think of that moment. It’s just one of hundreds of thousands of memories I have just like it. He believes in me. Zero doubt.All the way.

So, I started writing and it was complete CRAP. I’d never written anything. Had NO clue about the industry, the process, nothing. I told him, “There’s this whole subculture out there I never knew about! There’s all these agents and editors and author groups, it’s amazing.” That was the total psych major in me coming out. He smiled and dove in with me. Before I knew it he was asking me if I’d seen this or that post by an editor or an agent. I was so impressed with him. I always am I guess but anyhow, I plugged away at a couple more horrible manuscripts, lurking in chatrooms for about a year. Then I hit him with, “I think I need a web presence.”


He bought a domain name and spent days on end with me developing this blog. Every single line is because he customized it to be. The colors, the picture, scripts, everything. Then when I sold my first novella, I literally took cardstock and colored pencils and kiddie scissors and mocked up my vision for my author site. Complete with moving butterfly. As you can see with one click, he made that happen too.

He’s taken days off of work to attend local writers events or dinners with my guild and he’s gone with me to two writers conferences so far, he even bought a ticket and attended the Lori Foster Reader Writer Get Together this month. LOL.Surrounded by 400 romance writers, he never wavered.

We’ve been friends for about ten years, married for eight, and I still get goosebumps when he walks through the door. I have everything I could ask for and I give him the credit because without him, I’d have joined a circus by now. He roots me here, keeps me sane, and makes me smile. He is in every love interest I’ve ever created because he is my idea of perfect.

Happy Birthday Handsome! I’m letting you off easy with a blog post this year, but for your 40th birthday one day, I plan to get the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile to come to your office :) or something equally *Julie*

Happy Birthday!!!!

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  • Happy birthday to your husband. What a beautiful and touching tribute to someone who believes in you!

  • Suzanne Lucero

    *Sigh* Lucky you for having such a wonderful Hubsy, and lucky Hubsy for having a wife who’s not too proud to shout that he’s the wind beneath her wings.

  • Happy Happy Birthday to my awesomesauce cousin..who I have actually gotten to know over Julie’s journey to greatness! Hope you have a great day!

  • Thank you guys SO SO SO much for these comments! I hesitated at putting this post up because I am a writing/reading blog! BUT I just adore my Hubsy and I wouldn’t be me without him. Plus he really is the reason I write at all, so it seemed the perfect time to talk about him :) Your comments have made me smile till my cheeks hurt. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!
    Julie *and Hubsy*

  • Happy Birthday to your husband, though I refuse to call him “Hubsy” because of secret dude rules. :-)


  • Happy birthday, Hubsy! Julie Anne, it sounds like you found a wonderful guy, and what better place to celebrate real life romance than on your blog? Hope you both have a wonderful day!

  • Christie

    This is like the cutest thing I’ve ever read. I love it! Happy bday, hubsy!!!

  • Aww, LOVE this!! Sounds like you are BOTH very lucky to have each other!! Hope the hubs enjoys his birthday, and so glad that you have such a wonderful support system in him!!

  • Go Julie Go! Happy Birthday hubby (sorry don’t know your name). It’s always wonderful to read about love and support :) .

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