Hey, Go Brand Yourself

The more that I read about establishing a web presence, the more overwhelmed I feel. This is one more thing that I get to learn, and I have no previous knowledge or experience to build upon. However, I do love to learn something, and I love a challenge. Branding  is both. Step one: set up a blog or website to promote your name and product. Check. How easy was that? Very because my husband did all the work. I only have to write, and we have already covered that. Next, pick a topic and stick to it, Check. Choose colors that represent a feeling to associate with your product. Hmm. Well, writing is whatever you make it color-wise, so I thought about me. What color represents me? I did a little reading (shocker) and found a few fun resources on the psychology of color. While I originally expected to be pink because being a girl is my favorite , turns out, I’m more red, orange, yellow (if its bold) because those are energy colors. I have tons of that. OK, colors, Check.

Now, I need a brand. A whosy-whatsit? A whatsy-whosit? Right. Brand myself. So, I’ve got this pretty lame sunflower going now. It went with my color scheme. The thing is, I’m not really any sort of flower. I am so many things that I’d need a silent film playing in the corner to say it all. I’m guessing that no one would watch it, so I still need a brand. That’s tougher than you think. How do you choose 1 symbol to represent you? How would you want people to begin to associate you? If you have a tiny inkling, then you are ahead of me. So, no more time to write for now. I have to go brand myself.

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