Hudson’s 2nd Annual Ohio Author Day

Two days ago, I had the opportunity to attend my very first author day. Last month I spoke at a writers conference, but this was the first time I was invited to sit and sign books. I was a wreck. I spent days preparing the items to take, worrying over my little display and wondering if I was bringing my A-game. At the conference I attended, it never occurred to me anyone would want to buy my book, so I had no display to speak of, and I wrote the price in pen on a scrap of paper then leaned it against my books. FAIL. lol. Ah, well, that’s life, right? We live in learn and grow. This time around I was complimented by other authors on my marketing :) So, Score. I figured that part out. But…I packaged up my books with pretty bows, which I couldn’t open to sign LOL. I figured out I needed better marketing and people might buy my book, but hadn’t realized someone would want it signed!

The event was wonderful. The authors were witty and fun. I met new friends and some old ones from the Internet. I was invited to attend a local Sisters in Crime meeting. I met some ladies involved in the upcoming world mystery convention. I was approached by a reporter for the local paper about a book review, and all the authors in attendance spoke with the city’s local cable television channel. The day was wonderful. Grandparents kept the offspring and Hubsy and I had a day alone together.

I left the event so excited for this week it’s ridiculous. You see, on Friday Hubsy and I are traveling to Huntington, WV for an event to kick off their Library Week. This event happens in conjunction with their 42nd annual craft expo, and I anticipate tons of people (ie new friends) and crafts! I love crafts. Don’t put it past me to try to barter my books for other things I want there LOL. Once again, time alone with Mr. Lindsey and memories to be made. I say it all the time, but to me, the best thing about the writer life is the people. I love people, and going new places, time with Hubsy, it’s all wonderfulness. If I never make a living at writing, I will continue to write so I can continue to justify all these trips to see libraries and readers and writers :) I’ve definitely found my place in life…in line buying books and meeting readers. It’s a bonus I have a book to bring along with :)

A HUGE HUGE HUGE Thank you to the Hudson, OH Library and Historical Society for allowing a brand-new-learning-as-I-go author like me to participate in such a lovely event. This isn’t a business where authors are often pulled in for a figurative hug, in fact authors who self publish or work with small presses, like I do, are often treated as sub-par. In Hudson, word-lovers are equally embraced and I felt like a superstar to be included with so many wonderful writers. It was both humbling and exhilarating. Thank you so much Kathy Jones and staff for reaching out to me and the other authors that day, for having a ready smile to share and for all the obvious time and effort you spent making the event so special. *hugs for you* from me!

3 comments to Hudson’s 2nd Annual Ohio Author Day

  • Sounds like this was so much fun! You’re giving me ideas for ours. :)

  • Hi Jamie! It was a blast. They did an amazing job and everyone was smiling all day!I can’t wait to hear about yours!!

  • Dear Julie,
    I’m looking for an author to be a guest speaker in my composition class. I teach 12 high school freshmen and I think they could benefit greatly from a fresh perspective on writing. We meet on Mondays at 1:20 and Wednesdsays at 12:20 in Hudson. If this fits your schedule, I’d love to chat.
    Have a great day,
    Diane Reuther

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