I’m on a Writing Break i.e. Going CrazyPants

I’m in between WIPs. This hasn’t happened in three years. It’s not a good place for me. I don’t know how to act. I have mad amounts of unfocused energy and I’m developing a twitch. Writing keeps the crazy-pants at bay. However, my family is headed to the ocean in about three weeks and I want to make memories there. I don’t want photos of my torso and the back of a laptop screen in place of my head.

I am painfully OCD and if I’m in the middle of something, it feels like a guillotine hanging over my head until it’s finished. So, when I begin to write a story, I’m *compelled* to see it through – quickly. I cannot start a new story until after vacation. *chews nails*

I cannot begin a new story. It’s killing me. I’ve typed a 12 page outline for my next project. But, I draw the line at beginning the writing.

To harness some of the loose energy, I started cleaning. I decided on Monday to clean one room a day. Top to bottom. Dust ceilings and light fixtures, sweep, use the attachment thingy to get in corners and around baseboards. I moved all the furniture, retrieved lots of change and lost toys, swept the couch cushions, dusted art and pictures. Tuesday I scrubbed the guest bath in the same fashion but instead of a sweeper, I used a bleachy-cleanser to wipe every inch of the space, refold guest towels, etc. Then I started on my kitchen and made two trips to donate all the crap shoved in the back of my cupboards. Good Grief. It took two long days to scrub every inch of the kitchen. I gave away THIRTY placemats. Who on earth has THIRTY placemats? I don’t even use placemats.

When my husband came home I opened all the drawers and cabinets to show off..”How does it look????” I beamed, eyes swirling to reveal the extent of my freak out. He raised a worried eyebrow and told me it looked like Sleeping with the Enemy.

Hey, that’s how I roll. 110% All day.

So, I may not make it three more weeks without writing. My poor family has grown too comfortable with laptop-head mommy. I don’t want to keep frightening them. All the cleaning has everyone concerned for my well-being. It seems the kind thing would be to go back to writing. *Looks over shoulder* Yeah, that’s the ticket. It’s all for the sake of my dear family. *nervous giggling*

What do you do when you aren’t writing??

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  • When I *choose* to go on a writing break (ie, it’s not because of the baby/husband/life), I fill up my time with new knitting projects and catching up on my reading.

  • Rachel Thompson

    I always have three dozen more projects than I can actually finish (thanks, Pinterest). But when I’m not working on a novel, I write short stories. I can usually knock out one of those in a week or so. Maybe you should try some short or flash fiction, just to keep the “crazy-pants at bay.” ;)

  • When I’m not writing, I work out, clean, and read. Um, usually in reverse order. In fact, I should be working out right now, but I am catching up on my favorite blogs. ;)

    I have to say, I have gone too long without writing. I really need to jump on it. I plan to have my first draft done by October when my hubby gets back from Afghanistan.

    Julie, you make my day. :) And you remind me that I’m not the only crazy person. ;)

  • Christ if we didn’t write in the day we’d go crazy too! Though we hate cleaning so we’d avoid that. The only times we’re not writing is when we’re looking after the animal army, exercising or ghost hunting. Ghost hunting is keeping us out of mischief once a fortnight. Or giving us more chance to be mischievous. Especially if there are mannequins involved. But to not write for over three weeks…nobody wants to see that happen. The result would be catastrophic. For a start, we’d have enough time to finally implement our World Take Over Plan…

  • I’m not writing at the moment because I have so many review books to read and need to catch up, but my fingers are itching and I really want to get stuck back in. I’ll have to read faster!

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