Inspiration at a Writer’s Conference

I’m a God-girl and I am guilty of forgetting that He is omnipresent. He reminded me last weekend at the COFW writers conference though. At the end of the conference, when everything was nearly said and done, a lady who had not spoken all weekend came to thank us and conclude the conference. She warmed my heart and I felt certain that she was speaking directly to me, like a divine message.

The speaker said, “If you are here today, you should be very proud. Proud for being brave and pursuing your dream. If you have the desire in here (she patted her heart) then you can achieve it.  The Apostle Paul said do not neglect your gift.” I was like…”Is she looking at me? Is writing a gift? Can it be used for a purpose other than my personal entertainment? She went on…”Apostle Paul also said to run the race that which was set before you. There is a purpose for your desire to write, for your attending this conference, and for your success.” My mouth fell open. I was smiling wildly and bouncing my crazy-nervous foot like a madman.


He’s speaking to you too. If you want to write. Write. Don’t give up on your gift. Don’t believe the lies that say you won’t succeed, that you can’t succeed, or the lies that ask “Who are YOU to succeed? I’m here to tell you, You Can succeed. You Will succeed. Do not give up on your dream, Do not settle, and Do not believe the lies.

Run the race that has been set before you. Run as if you will win because in running, you have already succeeded. <– OK that sounded a little like a fortune cookie, but you get my drift, and if writing falls through, I will manufacture my own line of fortune cookies and say it all started with this blog post.

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  • Valerie Haight

    Isn’t God GREAT!?!? He’s there with us through it all. Amazingly.

  • Julie Anne Lindsey

    Valerie!! Absolutely! It was refreshing after one particular speaker. I needed it, and I got it! Hopefully passing it on today a few more people will feel like this was meant just for them too!

  • I love this! For personal reasons, I’m being called to write as well…I’ve prayed about it a lot and thought a great deal about what it would mean to my career as an attorney, but I want to do it. I’m going to follow my dreams.

    Thank you for sharing this!

  • Thank you for the boost of encouragement!

  • Julie Anne Lindsey

    Alaina! I’m so excited to hear that you are feeling called to write! It’s no mistake, no accident!!! I can’t wait to see some of your work!

    Terri! ANytime you need a boost, you drop me a line @JuliALindsey on twitter or stop here. I’ll lift you up All. Day. Long!!!!!

  • Great blog Julie….you have a crazy nervous foot too?
    Must come from our creative vibes getting overworked or something goofy like that? It’s a good visual…humm … maybe I can use it for my next heroine…! Of course her foot would have to be tiny with shell-pink polished toes and a crystal toe-ring….

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