Is Chic-Lit Over?

I had the opportunity to hear this question posed to a panel of agents and editors this weekend. These individuals included Leis Pederson, an editor at Berkley, Laura Bradford of Bradford Lit, Cori Deyoe of Three Seas Lit, and Charles Greisman of Harlequin. The answer was unanimous. Are you interested? Would you prefer to hear about dinner? it was lovely, pasta and salad with a delightful *cyber head slaps* FINE. The answers was yes, and no.

Yes! Using the words “Chic Lit” to describe the work is definitely OVER. Though none of this particular panel were especially adverse to it, I did get the impression that some may simply pass on any Chic Lit because the market is saturated and the movement towards it is as tired as those Sex & the City reruns. So, if you are writing ChicLit, put down your Cosmopolitan long enough to change your query a tiny smidge.

No! Writing Chic Lit isn’t a no-no. It’s just an ever changing machine – the publishing industry. The machine no longer hunts ChicLit. Today, you should call your work “Humorous Womens Fiction.” That comes right from the panel’s mouths. They each agreed on this. So, adjust your query to read “Shopping for Love in skinny Jeans and Despair is a…fabulous work of Humorous Womens Fiction.”

Why? because they say so and they are “in the know.” It’s their jobs to know what is selling, what’s hot, what terms are appropriate and what is outdated. If agents and editors are saying that ChiLit is a term that is over, let it be over. Call it whatever its called today. You want to show that you are listening and learning and keeping up with industry trend. This is a great tip.

So, write from your heart, then call it Humorous Womens Fiction, and send it with a smile because you know it is THAT good!

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  • Great post, Julie. Thanks for sharing.

    I’ve stopped calling my work ‘chick lit’ for the most part. When people ask what I write, I say ‘Romantic Comedy’. I like Humorous Women’s Fiction, though. It has a nice ring to it.

    Thanks again, Jule!
    C xx

  • Julie Anne Lindsey

    Cathleen! Thanks for commenting! I love knowing I’m not alone :) I was scribbling crazy notes during this topic, thinking, “I have to tell my Crit group!!!” Its going strong, but the title changed. LOL Of course it did. What isn’t changing, right??? Can’t wait to see your pages soon!

  • Love your blog. Super pleased to have found it (quite a task for a computer stupid person like myself). I am a new, as yet unpublished writer of Humorous Women´s Fiction, so will be making regular visits to your blog. regards from Spain- Kate

  • Julie Anne Lindsey

    Kate! From Spain??? How awesome is that? WAY! I love Spain! Can’t wait to learn more about you and your Humorous Womens Fiction!!

  • Valerie Haight

    Well, Arkansas can’t compare to Spain…but, love the post. Very well written and extremely informative. I can’t wait to see more of your notes. Educate us, PLEASE!

  • Julie Anne Lindsey

    Thank you Valerie! *See me curtsy and blush* I literally have blog posts written and saved, set to go off each day (much like my programmable coffeemaker, but less tasty)until October 10th, all based on information given at the conference. I haven’t taken that many notes since college circa 1999! Ah! So excited to share!!

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