It Takes A Village

Last night I had the opportunity to visit a local library and speak about my life, writing, book love and other randomness. The Friends of the Library advertised, baked and decorated. They filled the room to capacity. I mean. Really. There were late-comers seated on the floor. My bestie picked me up from home, drove me, hauled books, kept me from puking because I am a nervous speaker, and collected money among many other things. A friend from years past made a special trip to the town to see me. My in laws watched three kids until Hubsy could get home and take over.

This was just one small, 1 hour event. And look at all the support and involvement I needed and received.

Before any contract is ever signed, at least one beta reader gives me honest feedback. Beta readers should be hugged. They volunteer their precious time to read a manuscript that may never be published – likely one by an author like me who no one has ever heard of. Then, my critique group combs over the words some more seeking rogue commas, plot holes and general writing no-nos. Then my agent reads it and edits it again, sometimes more than once.

After the contract is in place, my international online family rallies to support my accomplishment, allowing me to guest blog for them, tweeting about the success, posting the book trailer…the list goes on and on and on.

I am daily humbled, encouraged and utterly overwhelmed at the incredible people in my life. If you’re reading this post -that means you too. If you don’t have a writer-support group, find one. Get in touch with those who understand you, will lift you up when the rejections roll in, help edit your hate letter to the meaner agents, then convince you never to send it once you’ve gotten that out of your system. We need each other. Writing is no longer a solitary endeavor. Success takes a village.

Who’s in your village?

3 comments to It Takes A Village

  • Jenny Lyn

    Hi Julie,
    I’m wondering how you found your beta-readers. I seem to be in no man’s land on that front. How do/did you make that connection? Even though I’ve got a book published I still feel like I’m on an islamd, so to speak. Any advice?

    Jenny Lyn

  • Hahaha I totally didn’t mind! It’s a viable way for you to sneak me out of my own personal circus :) Besides I like hauling books and collecting money ;)

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