Just Tell ‘Em “I’m a Writer”

I’ve always been a bit on the devious side LOL. Sure, it comes wrapped in a cute Midwestern smile, but don’t you believe it. I was my parents’ worst nightmare, only they didn’t know it. Part of it has always been my ridic amount of self esteem (only child syndrome) and the other is my powerhouse curiosity. I just can’t say no to it. I am so NOSEY. I gotta know I gotta know I gotta know! Things catch my eye and I need answers. Sadly, something super lucrative like rocket science or brain surgery never caught my attention. No, for me it’s mostly people. I guess as an only child life was kinda dull – or in my opinion – it was what you made of it. I have done many things and committed my share of petty crime in the name of curiosity.

As an adult, and especially as a parent, I have a better hold on my curiosity. As a writer, I can write it out to be whatever I want it to be. As a kid I was “trouble”. As an adult I am “a writer.” My regular Leave-it-to-Beaver style friends only recently quit sliding their eyes at me and wondering how I graduated with honors and got a great job at 22, just to “give it up to write.” They all warned me “Writers are weird.” I guess I had them all fooled. I’m weird, or at least not like them. They must’ve missed that part. So, I can add “good at blending” to my list of accomplishments.

Thing is, a couple years and a few novels later, they gave up warning me and I’ve embraced the writer in me. I now covet the sliding eyes and jab comments. I want it on a tee shirt for their Pampered Chef parties and proper patio barbecues. Hey, you might be talking about making pinwheels and tortlettes, but I’m wondering if I stick a potato in an exhaust pipe, will it kill the driver? Under what factors? Will the car run?

What can I say? *shrugs* I’m a writer.

Do any of your friends think you need to give up the crazy and step back into their normal? Cause I get that A LOT.

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  • I’ve stepped so far out of their normal they are afraid to have me back. What can I say? “I’m a Writer”

  • I think I had the opposite experience. I was pretty normal and had normal jobs, but everyone kept telling me to write fiction (I’d been doing academic and news). When I FINALLY started writing fiction, it was like, “Oh! So THIS is what I’ve been missing! They were right!”

    Now I’m free to be as odd, nerdy and artsy-farsty as I want! :)

  • Mostly I just get disbelief. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that I’m a complete clown who doesn’t take a whole lot seriously and tells cannibal jokes. But when people find out that I’m a writer I see two things happen: 1) they think I’m making another joke, and 2) once they get past that, they assume that I’m a terrible writer. More than a few people read my manuscript (now available for purchase! :-) ), and I could tell how surprised they were that I could string a few coherent sentences together, let alone tell them a story that they loved to read.

  • Oh Julie it’s like you read my mind! Just on one of those days when I started to think, I must be seriously warped, you come aling and say, yes you are, and it’s ok! Thank you!

  • This is wonderful! I was also “trouble” when I was a child. Being a adult, I can now say I’m a “writer.” My 11 year old sister is taking after me in this aspect. She has quite the imagination and a lot of her friends just don’t understand.

    When you make that shirt, I would love to have one. :)

  • I believe my friends have their own issues (one being a rockstar who just released a new album, another starting his own software company, a third is teaching kids how to properly irradiate themselves). Being a writer is low on the weird scale for my associations, I think I’d have to do something normal to get them to recognize me half the times.

    I guess it’s based on who you know, right?

  • I believe I got stuck up there with your ridic self esteem and only child syndrome. My husband says I have only child syndrome, because I would like to be the center of attention once in a great while. But, I am the opposite of only child syndrome in the self esteem department.

    But, yes, I can trace the writing to being an only child. I interviewed my stuffed animals. I wrote stories. I spent Saturday nights writing poetry and listening to the stereo. Someday, I might finish a novel. For now, it’s about the business side.

  • No, my friends don’t think I’m weird. They KNOW I’m weird, but they never really thought otherwise so it’s okay. The acquaintances who didn’t know began reading my blog about my family and are now completely caught up. I’m pretty much exactly the same in life as I am on the internet.

    I have a ridiculous amount of self esteem as well, but it was hard won. I’m not sure that my friends chalk my weirdness up to the fact that I’m a writer. I think they say “oh, that’s just Stacey”. =] Apparently, blending in isn’t one of my talents.

    Love your tweets, btw.


  • Most of my friends ask me 1. Do you write about people you know and therefore which character am I?
    2. How do you research your sexy scenes?
    I think my being a writer doesn’t surprise them, or even the genre I’ve chosen which is romance, I think they’re more surprised that I’m actually published.
    And I say – na na na-na-na na!

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